Pastor Russell Rogers of Trinity Life (Dallas) lauds ‘Paddington’ on Mass Appeal Radio

Nicole Kidman stars alongside Paddington the Bear

Paddington exudes a cute admixture of comedic adventure and melodrama.

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Based on a popular series of children’s books written by Michael Bond, Paul King’s “Paddington” opened in theaters Friday (Jan. 16) and, as expected, the movie dominated the weekend box office — grossing over $142 million worldwide. Pastor Russell Rogers of Trinity Life in Dallas joined Reggie-n-Wayne on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss some of the faith-based themes in the film (you can hear the broadcast through the media player below). Paddington, if you recall, is a young Peruvian bear left homeless after losing his parents in a deadly storm.

The talking cub was later shipped to London’s Paddington Subway Station where he found himself completely alone without a family. Paddington, voiced by Ben Whishaw, eventually takes refuge with the Browns who offer him a temporary haven while he pursues a more permanent situation.

“It’s just a feel good movie,” said Pastor Rogers to radio hosts Wayne Hodges and Reggie Brown. “It embodies acceptance and love and you saw a family overcome the differences that this little Paddington bear cub brought (he came in from Peru to London). They really learned to appreciate his heart and I’ve never seen such embodiment of a sweet spirit as they put into Paddington.”

In addition to the aforementioned topics, the movie also exudes a cute admixture of comedic adventure and melodrama. As he searches for a new home, Paddington must also stay out the crosshairs of a deranged taxidermist (Millicent played by Nicole Kidman).

Albeit deceptively elementary… Paddington is a heartfelt, yet wildly-entertaining, film that gives theatrical audiences their money’s worth. It’s an absolute must-see for fans of the series.

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  1. i used to love paddington bear

  2. I don’t remember Paddington being such an oafish idiot in the books.

  3. ohh wat a cute bear.

  4. Its been a minute since I thought of the books but wasn’t he a sentient bear? Like how Franklin the turtle lived sentient turtle peoples. Not every single thing needs to involve live action.

  5. Lol looks hilarious I remember watchingpaddington bear when I was young

  6. Wow that bear is dumb

  7. I don’t remember Paddington being this animal like :I

  8. Roberta Millett

    I read the Paddington books when I was a kid…. I hope this will be a good movie…. (fingers crossed)

  9. he is soooooo cute 🙂

  10. So let me get this; the Nicole Kidman learns of a talking bear and wants to make money off of him by stuffing him and putting him on display to make money. The money thing I get, but why stuff him? Wouldn’t it make more sense to capture him and keep him alive to prove he’s a talking bear?

  11. This movie looks disturbing. I could see this happening in the movie: The family takes in this homeless bear that sexually assault the young girl in her sleep. Then introduces the boy to anal sex and forces him to smoke meth. The Bear denies it, but the mother and the bear get into a screaming argument and she ends-up stabbing Paddington several times.

  12. what in the world are u talking about have u even seen the movie

  13. I’ve seen the movie it’s quite good actually I expected it to be bad

  14. The bear looks goofy and why doesnt he have a peruvian accent?

  15. Oh my goodness!!! Could people be more negative?!? For the love of God, it’s a talking, walking bear. I for one things it’s enduring. Don’t you negative, whining brats have Bigger and Better things to be concerned with?! The country’s going to crap and you’re whining about a bear based on a story book we all loved as kids.

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