Toi Troutman-Walker of the ‘Newlyweds’ discusses love on Mass Appeal Radio

Rouvaun and Toi of Bravo’s Newlyweds The First Year

Reality TV star Toi Troutman-Walker joined Reggie-N-Wayne on 890 AM.

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Recently, reality TV star Toi Troutman-Walker of Bravo’s “Newlyweds The First Year” joined Reggie Brown and Wayne Hodges on the Reggie-N-Wayne Show on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss love, relationships and the challenge of living with Lupus. In case you didn’t know, Toi’s father and uncle were members of R&B group ZappYou can hear the broadcast in full through the media player below.

Toi enjoyed her first date with hubby Rouvaun Walker in 1996.

But they went their separate ways. After a 15 year hiatus, they eventually reconnected on social media and it’s been true love ever since. In addition to their outstanding work on Bravo, Toi owns a hair extension line — Renown Hair — and Rouvaun continues to excel in mortgage banking.

“Newlyweds The First Year” comes on every Tuesday night at 9:30 PM CST.

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  1. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Really hooked!

  2. i struggle with lupus too so i know what she is going thru

    her story is an inspiration to us all

  3. I love this show. Season 2 is definitely BETTER than season 1.

  4. DAMN THEY LOOK REAL GOOD TOGETHER! I Wish Nothing But The Best For Them!

  5. great to see others helping to raise awareness of lupus

  6. They look really good together…..Best of luck to them!

  7. Good looking couple, she is very pretty

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