LeBron James accidentally flashes penis on national television during NBA Finals

LeBron shows the world what his wife sees daily

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

Mr. Lebron James flashes his penis.

CLEVELAND — Three balls received airtime Thursday night during ABC’s live coverage of the NBA Finals. And two of them belonged to LeBron James. As he was adjusting himself below the waist during pregame festivities, ABC cameras zoomed in for a close-up and accidentally introduced King James’ royal penis to approximately 19 million viewers. LeBron appeared to be opening up his shorts to clear a little room when the cameras zoomed in. King James, who ended up suffering a bloody gash on his head after colliding with a cameraman, played 41 minutes in Cleveland’s disappointing 103-82 loss to Golden State.

The good news? LeBron didn’t suffer a concussion. But he had one hell of a headache. “Of course I have a headache,” James said during a halftime interview with ESPN. The 4-time MVP finished with 20 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists and one exposed penis.

Watch LeBron’s nuts in the video below:


  1. Is he going to be sued for six figures due to indecency and emotional distress? That’s what happened when Janet Jackson had a minor nipple slip and this is a whole dong. #double standard

  2. I thought he was playing a lil soft…

  3. MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    lebron James IS a Penis

  4. Holy fucking shit people like you are fucking retarded. It was an accident and now because of people like you this will be the topic for a month. Who gives a fuck. Why are you obsessed with his dick anyway?

  5. I almost got blind watching this

  6. And so what ?! Is it a big deal ? Dude , you are a complete moron . Is that the only thing that you saw from the whole game ?

  7. Same thing happened to Serena Williams at Wimbledon

  8. Don’t forget he’s black. I’m like 3 inches but happy I’m 8.5

  9. How can a dick have a dick?

  10. Nasty! Yuck!

  11. Hysterical! I didn’t see anything to get excited about. Lmao!

  12. You'reallidiots

    That’s Lebrons way of telling haters to get off his nuts and since they don’t quite get it yet he decided to show them.

  13. He is simply not aware that there’s a camera on top with bird’s eye view. No pun intended. I conjecture that the writer is gay for being too sharp to see Lebron’s bird for this incident. He looks like one in his picture too. he-he.

  14. Nigga ../.

  15. Why is my penis on TV smh

  16. LeBron needs to grow some balls. Lol

  17. Remember the days when if somebody’s penis shows, it was supposed to be an accident that wasn’t supposed to be talked about and never mentioned of? Now it’s such a big deal

  18. MIchael Harrington

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  19. Finally. I’ve sent him hundreds of letters trying to get LeBron to show his penis on national tv, and I guess it finally got to him.

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