Ms. Stacy Shaw joins Reggie-N-Wayne to confabulate on racist ‘slave doll’ incident

Stacy Shaw discusses Adam’s Mark incident on KGGN

Stacy Shaw joined Reggie-N-Wayne to discuss racist slave doll incident.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Recently, attorney Stacy Shaw joined Wayne Hodges and Reggie Brown on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 to discuss the racially insensitive incident at the Adam’s Mark Hotel where a white supervisor allegedly hung a slave doll from a noose in an apparent mocking of the death of Sandra Bland (listen below). Jaysyn Craddock, a black male employee, found the noose hanging in the entranceway to his supervisor’s office. He took a photo of the doll on July 21.

After the incident, Craddock hired Shaw to represent him in the event of a lawsuit. The supervisor has since been terminated. “This is a common area that any employee can access,” Shaw told KCTV5 News. “But, at the time it was hung, my client and his supervisor were the only employees on duty. Robin is a Caucasian female in her 40’s and she should have known better.”

A stark image of the doll has gone viral on social media.

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Listen to both parts of her interview below:


  1. This is just one incident committed by one dumb individual……. black people stop making this bigger than what it is.

  2. Please stop treating it like it is individuals…
    Why do we allow white people to make this excuse?

    Everytime one of them does bad, its some lone individual. We have a good hundred million lone individuals in this nation all doing the exact same BS to everyone else…

    Everytime a person who is not white does bad, not just Fox, but half the nation as well, is out there talking about issues with ‘culture’, ‘fathers’, somebody needing to step up and lecture their race, spokespeople being called on or called out, etc…


    This is NOT about individuals.

    It is about a toxic problem in the white race, that they need to fix.

    That’s not just turn about… though to be fair it also is: the White Race SHOULD be judged by the same standard it judges the rest of us, after all…

    It is not just turnabout though, because there are a LOT MORE of these “lone individuals” doing racist acts than there are “colored mobs” doing it among the rest of us…

    Stuff like this cannot continue…

  3. @Here’s Johnny: Right, it’s just individuals.
    Lots and lots and lots of individuals, all acting individually, which means we can never look for any sort of solution, or try to solve the problem. Because in your world, the problem lies solely with individuals, and we can’t see into their individual hearts and make them individually better, so we shouldn’t even try.

  4. This is a very unfortunate incident but I do not see the need to go after the hotel, the employee is the only one to blame here.

  5. Sounds like a HATE CRIME to me

    Why wasnt the sup arrested?


  7. Shaw is nuthin but a race-baiter like that fraud Al Sharpton

  8. Blacks just need a sense of humor………. hahahahaha

  9. @Mel — U are 100% wrong. The hotel is 100% percent responsible.

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