Fox’s Empire suffers big drop in TV ratings, some say there’s too much ‘gay stuff’

Minority Report

Empire suffering drop in ratings in season two

50 Cent enjoying Empire’s decline.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Believe it or not, television ratings are down in season two of Lee Daniels’ “Empire” and there’s at least one person taking delight in the musical drama’s shocking decline. Upon hearing the news, rapper/actor 50 Cent got on Instagram and re-posted a photo to his account making fun of Empire’s slip in ratings with the caption: “EMPIRES TV RATINGS TOOK A HUGE HIT. Ok I’ll stop now. COOKIE CALL ME BABY. I’ll tell every body to watch the show for you. LOL.” But the 40-year-old lyricist failed to read the entire post which included a homophobic slur toward the end.

Someone apparently hinted that Empire’s drop in ratings is probably due to all the “gay stuff” on the show. Skeptics are also blaming the high volume of celebrities brought on for guest appearances. Nevertheless… once 50 noticed the homophobic comments attached to the pic, he deleted the post. 50’s rep defended him, saying the rapper’s comments were “not a reflection of his views at all.”

Keep in mind, 50 hates Empire because he believes it’s inferior to his show “Power.” He might be right. Fox’s Empire drew 13.7 million total viewers last week, down 18 percent from the season premiere. Do you think the ratings drop has something to do with homosexuality? 

Is Daniels bringing on too many celebs?

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  1. Hotel SuiteLife

    whites think empire is their guide to blacks.

  2. Love Empire but the male on male kiss along with the transgender scene was disgusting. Why such a strong homesexual agenda???

  3. ScaryKicksScaringKicks

    Power is so much better, but i still watch Empire

  4. Iv stopped watching empire since the day i found out it was scripted. Wake up people, its all lies and fake

  5. Empire overrated AS FUCK

  6. Empire is really full of GAY SHIT….

  7. 50 cent is stupid he just mad empire the best that’s because it has more power more music and more fashion and new guests on there like chris rock Drake

  8. Empire horrible show! Power ✊ and so fuckin happy cookie didn’t win bitch shouldn’t even been nominated!! Viola ✊✊

  9. Only hoes and faggots watch Empire.

  10. StarsWrappedInYourHair

    I don’t watch shows starring wife-beaters. No Terrance Howard for me.
    50 Cent says some very very very stupid things.

  11. So sick of the word “homophobic” as part of gay propaganda taut would lead you to believe not agreeing with their lifestyle choice somehow makes you “afraid” or “hate” this demographic of people. A phobia is a fear….no one and I mean no one “fears” gay people but don’t push your way of life onto someone else because your rights stop at the doorstep of the next man!!

  12. First season of Empire was good.. First episode, second season, when Cookie was in the gorilla suit was just so corny I completely lost interest..
    I do however LOVE Power..

  13. While a lot of shows now border on being ponographic, Empire pushes an envelope that not everyone is comfortable with. Writer’s often forget that a show with a good story line doesn’t have to be sexually graphic, whether homo or hetero. I won’t be watching, could have been a good show, I’m just not into sexually explicit content, and certainly not comfortable with it being between men.

  14. Dorinda Burnett

    I really liked season 1 but have stopped watching it because I think it portrays blacks in a horrible light and I’m white. It has gotten very sexually explicit. I’m surprised Fox is allowing this to air in its current format. No more Empire for me!

  15. Too much gay-action. Every one isn’t into the gay agender…could have been a great show without the men kissing and sex …it’s all demonic!!!

  16. More gay shit on empire. Wtf?! Can we watch the show without seeing men kissing please? Get rid of the gay shit on empire.

  17. I turned Empire on to watch a black show! I agree the emphasize the gay life style to much. Got nothing against gays but I’m not gay and don’t want to watch a show about gays! I don’t want to watch a show about whites cause I’m not white!

  18. To much gay stuff on the show

  19. I stopped watching because it got too sexual and too much focus on gays!

  20. That was the reason that I stopped watching Empire, too much focus on Gay.

  21. Why is everyone so hung up on who kisses whom on Empire ? Plus do you have to name call the gays on the show! Sometimes we tends to get carried away over the smallest things? Gays are among us so get use to it! And remember, THIS IS A TELEVISION SHOW not a matter of life or death!

  22. Hector Rosales

    Am really tired of all the homo programming on TV and cable. I boycott these shows and parental block them to ensure my kids don’t happen upon them. Why does the FCC allow such sexual abhorrent programming? Looking back at the progression of the subject content of movies and tv programming from the 1950’s to the present day, it’s apparent there’s been a continual decline in the collective morality across our country, and this decline is so heavily rooted in the TV programming that has evolved from entertainment based production values to social engineering propaganda. The Hollywood propaganda during these 5 decades began with desensitizing the public to sexual promiscuity and continues to this day with engineering its acceptance. Next came the promotion and glorification of recreational drug use. Then the social acceptance of male-female cohabitation, or shacking up, before (or without) marriage. The next step in their agenda became the gradual insertion of homosexual content, then expanded to promoting acceptance of shemales as women despite their true biology. All of this has culminated to date in the subject matter of movie and TV programming we have today. But, their extreme left-wing agenda is still evolving as they continually perfect their propaganda machine of public desensitivity and acceptance of taboo sexual lifestyles. One of their favorite techniques for pushing this agenda has become the organized public shaming of anyone who speaks against these abhorrent sexual lifestyles. And, each time those of us who oppose this proliferation of immoral, abhorrent programming fail to speak out against these propagandists and those who seek to publicly shame those who have spoken out, then we give the appearance of condoning their actions and empower their continuation. So what now? What cause will be next on the extreme left-wing Hollywood’s agenda? Perhaps they next taboo’s they will propagandize for public acceptance will be bestiality, incest and pedophilia? Don’t fool yourself and be shocked or dismissive of these suggestions. Keep in mind that the public back in the 1950’s would have been just as shocked and dismissive about their futures’ possibility of sexually promiscuous and homosexual themed TV programming in the decades to follow. My prediction is that the organization calling itself GLAAD will one day begin calling itself GLAADBIP.

  23. Its displays not only how despicable and cheap they are but just how utterly clueless .

    This fails on so many levels.

    First, if only 1.7 % of the world’s population are gay…you’re forcing 98.3 % to watch something that is disgusting to them. 2nd, they dont seem to realize how transparent they are— we get it…. you’re a hero, you’re sooooo brave. It a blatant attempt at self righteousnes.
    Dont be fooled by the propaganda. They’re trying to accuse you of being intolerant when you’re simply recognizing what so obvious to your soul…its immoral and destructive to society.

  24. Bill, you sir are an asshole. First of all, nobody is forcing you to watch shit. If you don’t like it, turn the channel. Second, gays have a right to live a normal life just like anyone else. Fuck you, homophobe!

  25. I was liking the show until the 2 men were kissing and the entire gig with transgender. Look Hollywood… I am fine with homosexuality, but why do you force it so hard? (no pun intended). Its gone way over the top, I can’t watch TV without being introduced to something thats clearly forced to be on a TV show or movie, because it’s so out of place. I don’t have a lot of gay friends, but I don’t understand why they are pandering to LGBT community when they only make up a small fraction of the population. WE GET IT! You wanted rights and be represented, well mission accomplished. Now I want to vomit in my mouth when I see gay stuff in the media because there’s just way too much of it.


  27. The gay storyline on tv is out of control I stopped watching empire due to the explicit gay scenes there needs to be a line drawn on what is exposed on tv

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