Reality TV star Tami Roman of “Basketball Wives L.A.” shines on Mass Appeal Radio

Tami Roman of ‘Basketball Wives’ joins Mass Appeal Radio

Reality TV star Tami Roman joins Mass Appeal Radio to talk fashion and drama.

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LOS ANGELES — Recently, reality TV star Tami Roman joined Mass Appeal’s Wayne Hodges and radio veteran Reggie Brown on Kansas City radio station KGGN 890 AM to discuss the J Spot Experience and the big BET weekend in Los Angeles. Tami, who stars as the queen of shade on VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” talked about the new season and her exciting role on Stiletto night at J. Anthony Brown’s comedy club. She also addressed the sensitive issue of hip hop and violence. Thoughts and prayers are with Tami, 45, who recently suffered a miscarriage.

Tami, if you recall, first appeared on The Real World: Los Angeles before joining the cast of “Basketball Wives” in 2010. She’s the ex-wife of former NBA baller Kenny Anderson, with whom she has two daughters. For the latest on Tami, visit her at

Hit play and listen to her chat with Mass Appeal:


  1. I am Team Tami all the way. U go gyrl!

  2. disgusting gold digger…how many guys has she married/divorced for the $$?

  3. Nice interview Mass Appeal! 🙂

  4. i was shocked she was able to conceive at all at 45, and so fast! they just filmed marriage boot camp 6 months ago discussing whether to even try so i was like wow, that easy?! maybe i don’t have to stop stalling after all lol. i know she was a heavy smoker, don’t know if she had quit or not, but i’m sure they’re very upset, esp reggie, i’ll pray for them

  5. Sad to hear. But what did she think was gonna happen she’s 45. She new it may be a risk for her to have kids after a certain age. Ladies if u have kids enjoy the ones u already have. Did I miss Where it say have babies by every man u sleep wit??

  6. Wakando Shamar Taylor

    Im sorry for her loss but dude dodge a major bullet! u dont want no baby by this crazy chick!

  7. Aw sad to hear. Condolences. Hopefully she’ll have another chance to have a baby.

  8. That baby deserved better than a disrespectful rude bully. Sorry no sympathy, maybe that should tell her something…BE NICE

  9. Some of the comments on this board are so harsh….. u people are nothin but a bunch of assholes

  10. 45 is way too old to get knocked up

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