OITNB star joins Rocky Horror Picture Show

Laverne Cox to star in Fox remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Fox television is doing a remake of the 70s cult classic ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and network officials are casting renowned transgender actress Laverne Cox as the iconic Dr. Frank N. Furter (originally played by Tim Curry in 1975).  Laverne, who stars as Sophia on the popular Netflix series ‘Orange is the New Black,’ figures to bring an intriguing perspective as an LGBT advocate to the uncanny role of the “sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania.” The new telemovie will be produced, directed and choreographed by High School Musical’s Kenny Ortega.

Jackal Group exec Gail Berman will also produce. The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered as an original stage production in 1973 before hitting the silver screen in 1975. Due to its enormous cult following, the flick holds the all-time record for longest theatrical run.


  1. She is soooo beautiful it’s unbelievable :))

  2. wow…Laverne’s voice give her away big time…Well even if she didn’t open her mouth I can still tell she’s a transgender..not that is bad either…

  3. SightSetOnSilver


  4. I bet Laverne sucks a good dick

  5. seriously she is beautiful, feminine, class and elegant. so people have to stop insulting her cuz she looks more woman than lots of women.

  6. this article makes me puke

  7. Damn I hate gays!

  8. So much attention has been paid to same-sex marriage lately, that the other aspects of the LGBT community have been ignored. Ms. Cox points out the often hostile reception of trans-genders, and particularly those of color. While I am not familiar with these issues and not as attuned to them in the way I am with discrimination against homosexuals, I suspect the lives of trans-genders can be just as difficult.

    Thanks in part, however, to the rising recognition that those in the homosexual community are no longer idly waiting for acceptance, perhaps this issue can receive more attention. I suspect that it is long overdue.

  9. What’s more important is Laverne Cox is very good actress which is the only thing that should be worth talking about,it is for me. If one more celebrity comes out of the closet I am going to get ill,most people like myself feel it’s no ones business but theirs what they do as adults behind closed doors. Matter of fact I do not want to know. ” I did not ask you do not tell”works for me and I as a straight male I will happily extend them the same courtesy.

  10. IT looks like a man wearing a dress with a really awful blonde wig that no Black person should ever wear (I’m Afro American) – Why would a person with mental illness be a top anything. Why would a person with mental illness be considered a role model? If I believed I was Napoleon you’d put me in an asylum, that’s EXACTLY what you should do with these people. You don’t help perpetuate mental illness. God save us all because this world is truly becoming just one big horrific comic strip.

  11. Tony the Tiger

    I will never understand why 2 men are happy stickin their weiner in each other’s doo doo. smh

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