Filmmaker Spike Lee disses Kansas City


Spike Lee dogs Kansas City on ESPN

Spike Lee disses Kansas City, Mayor James responds.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Filmmaker Spike Lee, a loyal New York Yankees fan, doesn’t think too highly of Kansas City. The man who concocted the controversial 80s film “Do The Right Thing” pulled for the New York Mets in the World Series because… well… they’re in New York. Spike also dissed the Kansas City Royals and their fans on ESPN’s First Take earlier this week. When it comes to bright stars and ambitions, Spike believes there’s no comparison between New York and Kansas City.

“You can be a Yankee fan and be happy the Mets are in the World Series,” he said. “I want the Mets to win. Who’s in Kansas City?” Those remarks didn’t sit well with Kansas City Mayor Sly James who went on a Twitter rant afterward, questioning Spike’s blackness and level of education.

The Mayor tweeted: “@SpikeLee I have been told that you basically dissed my city. Who’s in Kansas City? Say it ain’t so bro’! Time 4 some friendly education.” The Mayor later tweeted: “Hey @Spike Lee, many of your movies chronicle black experience. Ever been to @nlbmprez [Negro Leagues Museum]. Negro Leagues started in #KansasCity. Did u know?”

So far, no word from Spike.

Watch the video below.

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  1. I’m a big Yankees fan, but I hope mets win because I love New York !!!!

  2. Royals will win the series……… FUCK SPIKE!

  3. Fuck New York City with it’s pompass ignorant dirty overprice rude bitchassness. New York needs to clean up it’s act and behavior to rise up.

  4. Spike Lee hasnt made a good movie in 20 years. Why is he relevant?

  5. NY sucks it’s just a big pile of shit.

  6. Being a Cleveland Indians fan I want to see Kansas City win but being a Back to the Future and Jerry Seinfeld fan I want to see the Mets win.

  7. Empire State of Mind

    “Game Time Bitches”

    — Lucious Lyon of Empire

  8. Who the hell is Spike Lee? He hasn’t written up produced anything successful in 30 years. Spike have a Coke and a smile and sit down somewhere.

  9. I wonder how much money Joe Buck is gonna wind up losing in vegas over the mets

  10. spike is an idiot

  11. Royals are just the better team period. Congrats royals 2015 World Series champs.

  12. Spike, the Royals are 2015 World Champs! Now suck it hater!

  13. I can’t hear you Spike. Hahahahaha


  14. Spike thanks for motivating Kansas City………. we appreciate it! Congrats ROYALS!!! 🙂

  15. Spike has gone into witness protection. Nice to see him put his foot in his mouth. Hahahahahahaha!

  16. Mr. Lee please DO THE RIGHT THING and shut the fuck up

  17. spike u sir are truly an asshole

  18. Who’s in Kansas City?

    How about 800,000 fans and championship rings! Haha!

  19. Spike’s arrogance is a microcosm of New York……. they are a bunch of dumbasses. Lol

  20. Royals will repeat as World Series champs in 2016!

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