Kansas City Royals rally late to claim first World Series championship in 30 years

Kansas City Royals are 2015 World Champions

KC Royals rally to capture first World title in 30 years.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — The cardiac kids are deserving World Champions! Eric Hosmer scored the tying run in the ninth, Christian Colón knocked in the go-ahead run in the 12th and the Kansas City Royals poured it on from there to defeat Spike Lee’s New York Mets 7-2 to clinch their first World Series title in 30 years. KC, which won the series in five games, became the first team since the 2002 Angels to come from behind in all four wins. “I couldn’t have written a better script,” said Royals manager Ned Yost.

Catcher Salvy Perez was named World Series MVP. Speaking of comeback… down 2-0 in the ninth, the Royals rallied to tie the score behind Hosmer’s clutch RBI double and alert baserunning. From the 7th inning on, KC outscored its opponents 51-11 this postseason.

“We never quit. We never put our heads down,” Perez said.

“We always compete to the last out.”

Mets starter Matt Harvey was absolutely incredible through 8 innings before finally running out of gas in the ninth. As customary, the Royals received a dominant effort from their bullpen. Kelvin Herrera, Luke Hochevar and Wade Davis combined to pitch six scoreless innings of relief.

Conversely, Mets relievers allowed the tying run to score in the ninth before falling apart in the 12th — highlighted by Lorenzo Cain’s 3-run double. Rather than stay in their seats to salute the home team for a fine season, many in an announced crowd of 44,815 ran towards the exits.

“Everything’s just perfect, man,” Hosmer said.

“This is too good of a group, too good of a team, not to be remembered as world champions.”

Hosmer is right. After coming up a run short in game seven of last year’s World Series, the Royals set a goal of returning to the Fall Classic and winning it all. Mission accomplished. The Royals are 2015 World Champions and that’s all that matters.

“Kansas City is No. 1. Who cares about what happened last year?” Perez said.

Congrats KC on special season!


  1. Patrick Fiegenbaum

    Unbelievable. This is a team that should be talked about as long as they play the game. Never quit, never give up, never say die. Comeback after comeback after comeback. You’ll never see this kind of heart and grit again.

  2. Brian Allegood

    Now all the bandwagon fans of Kansas City can come out.

  3. Winning is easy when you don’t have to get by Madbum.

  4. Congrats royals, with yost Escobar and Cain being former brewers this might be the closest I as a brewers fan get to a world championship.

  5. KC deserved that series, they made the Mets do the things they do and the Mets couldn’t handle the pressure.

  6. Man this was a fanstatic finish to the world series. K.C just proved that YOU NEVER QUIT UNTIL THE FAT LADY SINGS. Down 2 wtih 1 outs and things not going your way and the claw their way back to win the game.

    It’s amazing how every one was saying K.C doesn’t have what it takes to win a world series because of their lack of power when hitting, but I guess people don’t realize that K.C is the BEST team this year when it came to contact hitting the ball.

  7. Mets had great starting pitching, a few OK home run hitters. Familia appears to be a very good closer. But, after that, weak, weak. No depth in the bullpen, terrible infield defense and a catcher that turns too many walks and singles into doubles by allowing steals. Batters go down with bats on their shoulders waiting for a clear strike pitch.

  8. Greg Halvorson

    The best basebally team in the world goes by the name of KANSAS CITY ROYALS…. Wooooo-hooooooooooooo!!!!

  9. Way to go Royals!!! They had to get through some very tough teams in the Astros, Blue Jays and Mets. I’m happy for the KC metro, too. We’ve needed a champion for so long.

  10. Thank u Royals for a tremendous season!!! 🙂

    Let’s repeat next year!

  11. Joshua R. Lang

    Joseph Francis AKA “Joe Buck” and others belittled the Royals saying they would lose the Series. I wanna here him admit he Royaly fuc-ed up!
    Congrats Royals.

  12. Congratulations Royals!!..you deserve the championship (Mets fan here)..now that baseball is over I can get back to my life.

  13. STL fan here, congrats KC on a job well done!

    You guys deserved it!

  14. KC Royals are conveniently in NYC….let’s see how many TV shows invite them on….’cause you know the Mets would be all over the place if they’d won.

  15. I’m no fan of either team, but let’s be honest: The Mets threw away 2 of these games late. KC won in 5 but this series should have gone 7

  16. Lets be honest here, KC for all intents and purposes should be down 3-2 going back to KC for game 6. But the for whatever reason on back to back nights the Mets just implode for no reason and KC gets the 4-1 series win.

  17. Alexander Canate

    I can’t throw from first to home
    Duda, Duda
    Now the Mets are going home
    Oh Duda, eh!!!

  18. Met’s had a great season. No one would have bet a dime that they would be in the World Series at the start of this season. They have a young pitching staff that any team would envy. And they will be a force to be reskoned with for some time to come. Well done Mets.

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