Kansas Jayhawks are lacking elite talent, but they have plenty of experience

Jayhawks will have to lean on experience

Jayhawks have experience galore, but little talent.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAWRENCE — As expected, No. 4 Kansas annihilated in-state cupcake Pittsburg State in its exhibition opener Wednesday night. Here’s a few general thoughts on the team: Last year’s Jayhawks were widely considered the least-talented group of the Bill Self era which is ironic because this season’s rendition of KU hoops features the same collection of talent minus two NBA players in Kelly Oubre and Cliff Alexander. Freshman forward Cheick Diallo, a McDonald’s All-American, remains academically ineligible pending an NCAA investigation.

Not to mention KU’s unheralded backcourt of sophomore Devonté Graham (originally signed with Appalachian State) and junior Frank Mason (originally signed with Towson). So you could make a strong argument the Jayhawks are less-talented this year.

But, Coach Self has an experienced team and we’ll find out rather quickly how valuable that is. Kansas will play Michigan State, San Diego State and Kentucky this season. To survive, Coach Self will solicit an All-American effort from senior foward Perry Ellis who struggled in a leadership role last season.

Junior guard Wayne Selden, a consensus top-15 prospect out of high school, has yet to realize his potential at Kansas. Speaking of potential, freshman forward Carlton Bragg has lots of it. But underclassmen typically struggle to adapt to Self’s primitive offensive system.

Getting Diallo in uniform will be critical to KU’s success because, outside of him, the Jayhawks don’t have a single player projected to be taken in the upcoming NBA Draft. Will experience get KU over the hump this season? Will there be another early exit in the NCAA tourney?

Will the NCAA clear Diallo to play at KU?

Has Coach Self lost his edge in recruiting?

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  1. Diallo should have went to Kentucky. smh

  2. Christopher Janson

    & sat the bench there too.. unable to play ! Brilliant post.

  3. Nancy J Patton

    if these kids would just play at one REAL school they’d know their eligibility in 2 seconds. if he played at Lincoln high in NY he’d know. they pick these 7 word schools that invariably include “faith” or “god” or “christian” and we all know they’re basketball factories with little to no academic worth (see prime prep as a prime example). stop with this attending 4 high schools in 4 years and just go where you live. would his 5 star status be jeopardized if he played at his neighborhood HS instead of a fake “word of god” school?

  4. Joshua Phillips

    The NCAA can really be a joke at times. The NCAA needs to figure out a way to take care of the kids way sooner. An investigation should not drag out this long when the evidence was all handed over months ago. I hope they clear this guy soon so there are no excuses in January when Kentucky comes to town. I want to see the best of both teams on the court to decide the game.

  5. Marcus McGovern

    Since comitting to Kansas, Cheick Diallo has gone 188 days without being cleared. He is also one month away from completeing his 2nd semester of college courses. Let me repeat…he is taking AND passing college courses.

  6. I feel like this is revenge of sorts for skating by the Alexander situation without the NCAA getting to exert punishment.

  7. Bill Self used to recruit the best kids to Kansas. What happened?

  8. I agree with the article. KU is overrated at No. 4 in the country. The big guys are still soft and the guards are average. KU should still win the Big 12 though.

  9. Bill Self is the best in the business. He will have the hawks ready to win another Big 12 championship. ROCK CHALK!

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