Eric Hosmer & Salvador Pérez appear on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon


Eric Hosmer and Salvy Pérez joined Jimmy Fallon

Hosmer and Pérez appear on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — The World Champion Kansas City Royals are awfully popular these days. Franchise cornerstones Salvador Pérez and Eric Hosmer made a special appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night and they didn’t come alone. They brought the coveted Commissioner’s and MVP trophies with them. Shortly after Sunday’s 7-2 title clinching triumph over the New York Mets in game five of the World Series, Pérez was named MVP.

Two days after winning it all, roughly 800,000 rabid fans showed up Tuesday afternoon in downtown Kansas City to celebrate with the champs during their parade and victory party. Fallon asked the fellas what’s life been like since taking the crown for the first time in 30 years.

“It’s great. Unbelievable experience,” said Pérez. “There hasn’t been much sleep in the last three or four days,” added Hosmer. The fellas were also treated to a retroactive rap song by Royals legend Brett Saberhagen who won series MVP in 1985.

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  1. I love my Royals!! The win was amazing. The parade and rally was even MORE amazing!! 800,00 people. only 3 arrests. No fighting, rioting, and misconduct. Just pure joy, love, celebration and an enormous sea of blue!!! I can’t wait for next year!!

  2. This makes my heart happy❤️❤️Go KC Royals???

  3. it’s a good thing perez talked slower on here. i was skeptical on whether he would have been the best choice for a national TV interview; i can never understand him, haha

  4. natisinvisible

    I’m from Kansas and it’s nice seeing one of my teams get mainstream attention like this. All I really have besides the Royals is KU basketball.

  5. Emerald Jewell

    wow jimmy thanks for being a jerk 🙂 sorry your team lost the world series 4-1. It was gonna happen no matter what so no need to be jealous. Also that play wasn’t a “fluke” your first baseman made a bad play and it wasn’t even a steal it was smart base running, they had done their homework scouting Duda. (btw our royals team is 10000x hotter than your entire baseball team and your city) So I’m gonna need you to shut up and just accept the fact you destroyed you team. please and thank you -lifelong kansas city citizen p.s. Hosmer and Salvy were biting their tongues so hard during that interview, see you next year.

  6. Nelson Garcia Medina

    Salvador Pérez is tha man

  7. I wish Salvi would have told Jimmy to shut his trap when he called Hosmer’s run to home plate a fluke. The ball to home was wild because of the misdirection that it was thrown. The ball wasn’t even close to where it needed to be to get the tag out in time. First base men usually aren’t forced into a squeeze play at home if the guy at third isn’t real fast. The defender was thrown off guard because he didn’t think Hosmer had the guts to run home after the easy throw to get Perez out at first.

  8. Love you, Jimmy, but the Royals won the series 4-1, and twice in NY… Don’t think it was a “fluke.” It’s a crazy move that worked out. We would have won another game in KC if we had to.

  9. SingleWhiteFemale

    i wanna fuck Hos & Salvy

  10. Love it! Royals are finally getting the attention they deserve. Go Royals!

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