Mizzou president Tim Wolfe resigns amid pressure from the Black Student Body

Mizzou president Tim Wolfe out the door

University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigns.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Amid heightened pressure from contentious African-American students, University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned from office Monday morning. He broke news of the decision during a Board of Curators meeting. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also stepped down. “I’m resigning as president of the University of Missouri System,” Wolfe said while reading a statement. “My motivation in making this decision comes from love. I love MU, Columbia where I grew up, the state of Missouri. I thought, prayed about this decision. It’s the right thing to do.”

Wolfe has come under fire for how he handled and/or mishandled a series of alleged racial controversies on campus, most notably an altercation involving Missouri Students Association president Payton Head who said he was racially abused while walking around campus in September.

Racial slurs were also yelled from a vehicle at a group of students who were practicing outside for a play. Then, on Oct. 24, a swastika made of feces was smeared all over a bathroom wall inside a dormitory.

After multiple complaints to Wolfe fell upon deaf ears, members of the university’s Legion of Black Collegians (including football players) went on strike from all football activities until Wolfe received a pink slip. Graduate student Jonathan Butler up’d the ante by going on an 8-day hunger strike.

On Monday, the students finally got their wish.

They celebrated near Traditions Plaza.

“We are no longer taking it,” the group wrote on Twitter prior to Wolfe’s resignation.

“It’s time to fight.”

Attached to the tweet was a photo of a group of 32 black men and a post demanding justice. “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,’ “ the post said.

“We will no longer participate in any football related activities until President Tim Wolfe resigns or is removed due to his negligence toward marginalized students’ experiences. WE ARE UNITED!!!!!”

Still not sure why Wolfe and Loftin stepped down.

Given the fact there’s no proof school employees and/or students committed the heinous acts, the alleged incidents appear to be a police matter (especially if terroristic threats were made). Did the black students bother jotting down a license plate number or a description of the suspects?

Did they file a police report?

Wolfe’s resignation appears to be politically-motivated which makes the University of Missouri the victor. Now that their black football players have returned to practice, school administrators will continue to generate their customary millions in sports revenue while Wolfe enjoys a million dollar severance package to go along with a kick-ass vacation.

The Tigers will also get a brand new Chancellor, a new President and all racial allegations will be swept under a rug. As expected, Mizzou won and it wasn’t particularly close. The black student body lost.

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  1. so sick of niggers playing the race card

  2. NO, actually, it wasn’t the right thing to do. you and the university buckled under pressure from a group of thugs. You were not responsible for what happened, you simply caved because of the money you would lose from the football program. You should have sent a message to all, and released these players from the football team and their scholarships, brought in enough walk-ons to fill the team, and lived with the situation. Now all you have done is empower more of these a-holes into thinking they can blackmail their way though everything. not a great precedent to start.

  3. I wish they had let Wolfe had starve and had LONG hearings about his complaints so he could think about how ridiculous his demands were! Why, due to some ugly racial incidents, should the university president resign?! What is it with Missouri these days? These Black protesters need to learn that work, not protests, is the way upwardly mobile adults get ahead. These jerks will accomplish nothing but alienating themselves from fitting in to the society in which, I THINK, they want to be successful. But success is achieved through WORK, not protest.

  4. This s so ridiculous. A manlost a job he’s been working his whoe career for….why? Because some black student athletes sense they are being profiled by other students. The black minority gets offended and wants the whole world to know that they are offended. Other races get offended all the time and just keep to themselvves. A man lost his career today for the stupidest reason possible. And what’s going to change at the University? You guessed it, absolutely nothing.

  5. If anyone deserves severe criticism, it is the African-American race. They are the most dysfunctional race on the planet. Over 70% out of wedlock births, black on black crime off the charts, our jails and prisons overflowing with blacks, looting and plundering, languishing in profanity . We cannot criticize them because of the fear of being called “racists.” Baloney, the truth needs to come out. The backlash will come, mark my words. They should have allowed the football team to go on strike or whatever, and see how the ball players, mostly black, like missing the big bucks should they be passed over for a chance to be drafted into the NFL.

  6. LifeTaker And Heartbreaker

    What I dont get is why white ppl in this country put up with this #$%$. They need to start standing up and telling the blacks and their liberal allies. Blacks want to be able to do whatever they want without taking responsibility that’s why they have grps like this one and BLM so they can run around committing crimes and the police cant stop them cause if the police try, they will just have a protest and either get the cop fired or sent to jail.

  7. There is a bad pattern here in the good ole USA. Minorities don’t like something & they complain and protest until they get their way. The spineless liberals will perpetuate this kind of behavior as they feel it makes for a more equal society. Face the facts: all men are NOT created equal, nor will they ever be equal. So called ‘racism’ will always exist as long as the logical White class sees these protesters (or as you like to define them; ‘activists’) as whining race card players.

  8. I see this board is full of racist comments. smh

  9. More white people rape kids . More white people get government help . More white people in prison.And white folks keep telling Hispanic people to move back to Mexico. But if they really did there home work and educate there minds.This country belong to the American Indians . And one more thing . The lord is Black. Read up on it.Just put a bible in your hands lol

  10. Caving into this isn’t going to heal anything. You just gave the baby her bottle. Now the rest of the babies are going to scream until they get their bottle. You just made things worse.

    Of course, the cynic in me sees the real reason behind his resignation, and I can see a scenario like this: the football team’s not playing, you’re costing the university hundreds of thousands of $ a week, you need to say a nice speech and resign, we’ll give you a nice severance package.

    Wait till something really bad happens to these students. It’s called life event. They won’t know what to do.

  11. Doesn’t this action set a new precedent?
    Does it not indicate that now, if action or inaction on any issue a group of students feels is not resolved (even if it can’t be resolved?) on this groups timeline, they now can demand someone resign?

    Now, the angry mob understands that with media pressure and intimidation by this mob, they now can get whatever demands (reasonable or not) they feel will justify their collective outrage?

    So from here …where?

    Did we end some idiots actions of racism? NAH

    Unfortunately, once again. Money generated by the football program is the silent winner. NOW it’s game on against BYU and the million or so $$$ generated by said game will fund many interest groups demands. See without the football revenue the poor slob of a University prez never stood a chance.
    Money truly is the root of evil in America.

  12. Over a couple of “alleged”, shouted insults a University President has to resign? Oh, and I forgot the swastika that someone scrawled in fecal matter on a bathroom wall. These are reasons to fire the President? Ridiculous! Ludicrous! Unbelievable! Their outrageous demands should of been ignored, young skillet allowed to starve himself, and the football team all had their athletic scholarships revoked and been booted off campus. Now I know what they mean by getting uppity, as in outrageously, ridiculously, incredible racist behavior by black people.

  13. Let’s see some idiot writes a swastika in #$#@! on a wall and two other minor incidents occur over a period of a couple of years. So a bunch of big bad football players get their panties all in a dither and decide to protest along with another genius on a hunger strike. This then results in the loss of a man’s job. Black America you do more to shoot yourselves in the foot than anyone I know. Believe me if I lived there i’d be ashamed and never attend anything at Mizzou. I hope your proud of yourselves. Some magazine once had an #[email protected]! whole of the month award. I think you guys won it this month. Congrats

  14. Nosferatu65202

    This resignation will most likely have little if any impact. First off it has been reported locally on talk radio that it is the students who refuse to come to the table & talk not the president as reported in this article. If that is not correct then the local news needs to be corrected. Secondly, the president did not resign out of love. He was either politically pressured or forced to resign by the Board & the law makers. Nothing will change. They all want this story to blow away & the president is the scapegoat, unless he was the one making the racial slurs & how unlikely is that.
    It was also reported locally that there were students on the team who want to play & was forced in this boycott & nor wanting to be labeled racist or an uncle Tom had no choice. Getting revenge on the president will not bring about change. If anything it will destroy his career. It sounder more like it is revenge the student group wants not change. If they want change then people who are racist is where the change needs to start, not knocking down the upper staff till they all are forced to leave because of the whiteness of their skin.

  15. Lets talk fact. Tim Wolfe resigning did not advance racial equality and here’s why. Not one of you in here, as well as the majority of the nation, were paying much attention when Butler went on a hunger strike a wk ago. Even when half the football team decided to join in on the protest and not practice until he resigned, you still didn’t care very much. There was a little buzz and it got some press. It wasn’t until the university was set to lose over 1 million dollars this wknd if the football team forfieted their game against BYU at Arrowhead Stadium. There’s always a cause and affect. The cause was racial equality and the effect was the university’s bottom line which was losing a million dollars. The cause could’ve very well been a female student being raped or a teacher having multiple inappropiate relationships with students. No matter what the cause was it was the effect, which was losing $$$, that forced the president to resign and not racial equality. I bet if Mizzou was 9-0 and ranked #4 in the country that football team wouldn’t have anything to do with this. You think the racial climate at Alabama, LSU, Mississippi or any other school in the south is ok? This was, is and will always be about the administrations bottom line which is $$$!

  16. I am still not understanding fully what his inaction’s were? The one example I’ve heard is the swastika incident. I don’t understand how he stops some idiot from making a swastika out of poop, and from what I understand no one knows who did it? How do you punish someone if you don’t know who they are. I don’t pretend to know the whole story but a couple of the examples I’ve heard would be difficult for anyone to take action against.

  17. Great article!

    Wolfe’s resignation reeks of political motivation.

  18. Anyone know what this guy actually did wrong ? I read the article and unless they caught the guys that did these two things’ not sure what a university president can do. Am I missing something here? Can someone enlighten me on his sin ?

  19. College and High School players should be compensated financially. All the money these schools make off the backs of these players is ridiculous. If there are any Black Players or Coaches reading this. ..DEMAND THAT THE PLAYERS GET PAID. THEM WHITE SLAVE MASTERS HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH PIMPING THE PLAYERS FOR WAY TO LONG. If it were NOT for Black Players in the NBA and NFL…there would be no League.


  20. If they are so sensitive over racial slurs and the University of Missouri is so determined to stop that, I guess that means they will ban all rap music on campus, which is full of racial slurs, and played almost exclusively by blacks. But if the university banned rap music, the brothers would be #$%$ about that too.

    America must face it..there is no way to please these people. They have this feeling of being privileged characters, and entitled to whatever they want, at the cost of others. The officials that resigned were nothing but appeasing wimps.

    I’m waiting on the same group of sensitive and offended people to now demand an end to all rap music on campus that contains racial slurs, denigrates women, and encourages violence against society and police. I’m waiting.

  21. It would be interesting to know how many carry at least a 2.0 cumulative gpa, and will actually graduate???

  22. Alexander Octavian

    Sounds like this university president took the brunt of black students’ frustration with racism. Sure, this president could have done some empty gesture of “action”. More racial education. But what really would have that done? By the time you’re a young adult, you are what you are. Meaning, if some 20 year old is a racist, going to some class on racial education won’t change that.

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