First Lady Michelle Obama calling for sweeping changes in women’s rights

First Lady weighs in on women’s rights

Michelle Obama tells world “Let Girls Learn.”

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DOHA, Qatar — As part of her “Let Girls Learn” initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a sermon on women’s rights and educational growth at the World Innovation Summit for Education a few days ago, insisting that “solving our girls’ education crisis” is “also about attitudes and beliefs.” The First Lady believes it’s time to combat ingrained cultural oppression of women worldwide, and that includes men stepping up to aid the cause.

“We cannot address our girls’ education crisis until we address the cultural norms and practices that devalue women’s intelligence, that silence their voices, that limit their ambitions,” said Mrs. Obama, who attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

The First Lady also recalled her own experiences with gender discrimination while growing up as a child in Chicago, saying that even though she was “bright and curious” and “had plenty of opinions” of her own, people were often “more interested” in hearing what her brother had to say.

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  1. She reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt. Sure Nancy Reagan did the “Just Say No” campaign which was good. But as soon as I got in my late teens, that became a joke. But I feel like Michelle Obama works on so many things that benefit children. Health, Education, Empowerment, Racism, Etc… and she makes the information available to EVERYONE. Even a man in his 30s can feel motivated by her speeches.
    Her husband’s speeches sometimes actually makes me want to be a better man. Very powerful. It’s a shame, because of imaginary political, (and other) lines, people resist it. Therefore they don’t pay attention to the message. Obama’s intellect sometimes gets wasted. At least the ride is changing, and the majority of this country is listening and want more. Hence the 2 wins.

  2. Great,I wish all the girls on earth could make their way to success & reach their full potential.

  3. I have so much respect for Michelle Obama. She is an amazing, strong, beautiful woman. God bless.

  4. Michelle Obama for President 🙂

  5. The first lady is saying very true and since am a father who have daughter in a house i always wish for my daughter to get the best education in this WORLD . GIRLS deserves to learn just like the boys and we should not discriminate the girls but we should support them equally just like the way we support boys . God bless the first lady of United States of America

  6. Wonderful First Lady !!!

  7. I am deeply concern about what’s going in New York right now

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