White supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross receives the death penalty for murder

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Frazier Glenn Cross gets death penalty

Frazier Glenn Cross sentenced to death.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

OVERLAND PARK — White supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross, recently convicted for murdering three people outside the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom in April 2014, will suffer a similar fate as his victims. On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Cross to death by lethal injection. If you recall… Cross’ intent was to kill Jewish people but, instead, he ended up shooting three Christians. Prior to learning his fate, Cross was forced to hear from the families of shooting victims Dr. William Corporon, his grandson Reat Underwood and Terri LaManno.

“Because of your ignorance, and your hate, and your evil, you murdered my dad and my son,” said Mindy Corporon. “I pity you. I feel sorry for you; you never experienced a day of love in your life,” added Corporon’s son Will.

Alissa LaManno, the daughter of Terri LaManno, asked the 74-year-old murderer to put the shoe on the other foot. “What you took from me was my rock. I would ask you how you feel if I came into your life and killed people you love. I’m not like you,” she said.

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  1. Too bad they can’t kill him 3 times.

  2. This self declared loser should have been executed the day after he Murdered people he ‘assumed’ were not perfect like him. He’s what trash looks like and smells like, and he has rabies so he should be shot yesterday.

  3. A death penalty pretty much assures everyone that he will never be executed. He’s 74 and has emphysema, so his days are numbered anyway. He would likely die in prison long before his appeals were exhausted. Lock him up in maximum security and hope like hell that he dies quickly without running up big taxpayer medical bills.

  4. he earned it, doubtful many folks will be sad to see this garbage head go

  5. Sick! Evil! I guess he can be called evilly sick.

  6. Do some medical experiments on him – Hitler would approve…

  7. Put him in a room with the family of the people he killed, and tell them if he comes out alive, he’s a free man.

  8. The Great Deceiver

    I can suggest several appropriate and inexpensive ways to do away with this vermin:
    Firing squad, public hanging; boiling oil; Incinerator; car crusher; trash compactor; steamroller; wood chipper; third rail; box baler; thrown off a subway platform in front of a speeding train; one-way bungee cord; drop him off in Ferguson… My preference is killing him Auschwitz-style and let him experience first-hand what that pain and suffering was all about.

  9. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars and kill the bastard

  10. Burn in hell u evil fuck

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