Jihadist group ISIS claims responsibility for series of vile, deadly Paris attacks

ISIS takes credit for Paris massacre

ISIS claiming responsibility for Paris attacks.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PARIS — Something must be done about ISIS pronto. Because they’re becoming more and more powerful. On Friday, the loathsome jihadist group claimed responsibility for the worst violence witnessed in France since World War II. French president Francois Hollande labeled the volley of nearly synchronous terror attacks “an act of war” by militants before threatening vast retaliation. “When the terrorists are capable of doing such acts, they must know that they will face a France very determined,” he said.

Armed with machine guns, bombs and other types of artillery, ISIS members struck six sites in Paris with the deadliest being a massacre at a concert hall where an estimated 80 people were killed. So far, French authorities have released a death total of 129 with hundreds more being injured.

ISIS is most known for its atrocities in Syria and Iraq. A United States-led coalition (which includes France) has already levied a barrage of airstrikes against the infamous terrorist group. But ISIS is threatening more attacks if the bombings don’t stop.

In addition to the attacks in Paris, the Islamic State is claiming responsibility for taking down a Russian airliner in Egypt. Meaning? The group’s capabilities are becoming more potent. 

ISIS just released a video threatening attacks on America.

President Barack Obama said it would be a mistake to deploy ground troops against ISIS.

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  1. The French and the coalition should light up the skies in Syria & Iraq.

    Something the French President said in his speech last night struck me. Something that has been lacking in the fight against ISIS/IS/ISIL. “Ruthless”

    The coalition has to become “Ruthless”. No more slow dancing. For now let France take the lead.

  2. Once again our President has shown himself incapable of leading a great nation. He may be a wonderful community organizer, master of divisive politics and redistributor of success, but he is not a leader.

    Honor standards honored by others but when asymmetric warfare becomes horrific terror and savagery destroy the savages and those that harbor them. Evil in a clerics dress is evil nonetheless. Preaching based on hate and subjugation is no religious theology worthy of protection.

  3. Thank God we have Russia and Mr. Putin to lead the world aginst isis. There was a time the US had great leaders.

  4. I hate to say this, but with this attack happening now in France(not to mention all the other things that have happened worldwide), I’m afraid we are now headed toward WWIII. These organizations have just targeted too many countries now. This is going to set things up where it’s going to be US against THEM! Now is not the time for anti gun people to be trying to take guns away from legal, law abiding citizens here in the U.S., but now is also the time to increase our border security even more! And the comfort zone and sacrifices of American citizens might have to change just like it did during WWII. We might even have to bring the draft back!

  5. I’m sorry but it’s time to stop all Muslim’s from entering America. It’s sad but true that just maybe a few bad ones have ruined it for all Muslim’s. But we do not know. So until then they must stay amongst themselves and kill each other off. I’m a firm believer that the few does not describe the many but these people leave us no room to make that judgement!

  6. The French should just nuke Raqqa. Tell any civilians to leave the city and if they don’t then oh well.

  7. The US is next, and I am afraid. Obama has made us vulnerable to their attacks, and will not defend the people here. He doesn’t even acknowledge them, and prefers them over the American people.

  8. The world must help France they’re going to do this in Germany the United States and everywhere else my god we had two airplanes it right in the middle of New York City and the Pentagon these entities should not even still been alive we should have never stop bombing if it takes is to the end of eternity. They will not be so brave when they are dead and their families are dead and there children are dead and their wives are dead its killed or be kill come on world I’m a Christian but I know the difference. It’s time to kèep bombing

  9. Muslims are people that treat their own females worse than dogs. Then why are we surprised that they are capable of horrible deeds like they committed in Paris last night?

  10. Don’t expect US will help for this chaos although US caused the ISIS problem by launching injustice war against Iraq and supporting and involving the color revolutions in North Africa and Syria. Now US is busy for its pivot to Asia to against and contain a peace loving country China.

  11. okay, okay, okay…..a question. if isis is determined to attack in the u.s. and they carry fully automatic assault rifles, wouldn’t it be prudent for the president of the united states to, by executive order, force every able bodied person in america to own and train with a full auto assault rifle, you know, for our own personal protection. seems you just never know anymore when you will meet a terrorist with a full auto assault rifle.


  13. Fuck ISIS!!!! Time to nuke the bastards!

  14. Soldiers of Satan…Muslims must be destroyed!

  15. ISIS is nuthin but a bunch of spineless cowards

  16. The rotten blacks protesting are upset because they are no longer the center of attention. They stormed a library at Dartmouth and slammed students who were studying for their exams against the wall calling them racial names like whitey and cracker, etc. That’s okay because they are privileged black trash.

  17. Isis will be fully obliterated. Ha ha ha..

  18. Muslims gotta go

  19. Pray for the victims families

  20. bomb all muslims

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