Peyton Manning plays injury card after getting roughed up by the Chiefs


Peyton Manning looked old against Chiefs

Peyton Manning explains poor performance.

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DENVER — After getting his butt kicked in Sunday’s 29-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (4-5), Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning played the injury card — telling reporters after the game he was hurt prior to taking the field. “I thought I felt good enough to play,” said Manning who was benched in favor of backup Brock Osweiler late in the third quarter. “Maybe it was a false feeling or a wrong feeling… by going out there and trying to help the team, I ended up hurting the team.”

Manning probably deserves credit for trying to gut it out. After all… the Broncos (7-2) were already without the services of defensive end DeMarcus Ware and star cornerback Aqib Talib, not to mention wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders played hurt prior to getting knocked out the game with a concussion.

But those problems still don’t explain the debacle that took place at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Sunday. Manning, who’s 14-2 against the Chiefs, finished the day with 35 yards passing, four interceptions and a zero passing rating — easily the worst performance of his Hall of Fame career.

The lone highlight for Manning was when he completed a 4-yard pass to Ronnie Hillman in the first quarter to break Brett Favre’s NFL record for career passing yards. And even that came after Manning had already thrown an interception and fumbled.

“He’s still a great quarterback,” said Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.

“Just not what he used to be.”


  1. “That was a poor passing performance by Manning.”


  2. Peter Dagraate

    You know what I always loved about Manning…and thought he really was a gifted soul….not only is he one of the all time winners in Football…but also…one of the all time losers!!! LOL….yes I know that may sound cruel, but its not meant to be. Even as he was about to break the all time passing record against John Unitas’ old team…he threw an interception…three yards short of the all time passing record(was that Unitas’s spirit? Maybe…Unitas had it a lot tougher.) But you couldnt help but feel sorry for Manning…..even in his greatest moment..he was still human. That’s a great person even if he doesnt quite understand that right now!

  3. Time for Peyton to retire. He’s like chicken parm, stick a fork in him, he’s done;-)

  4. Brandon Bailey

    To be honest, the Broncos shouldn’t have beaten the Chiefs back in Week 2. This was a dominant performance by the KC defense and shows what they are capable of doing. The offense can’t rely on consistently being gifted great field position and when they do, field goals won’t cut it against the elite teams

  5. @Brandon Bailey: The Broncos are an elite team dumbass

  6. Alan Pettyjohn

    Maybe the Broncos will copy NE Pats of last year… and play lights out after a horrible game vs the Chiefs.
    Brady looked horrible and everyone was calling for his head after last years loss to the Chiefs…we all know how that ended up…

  7. As much as I respect Peyton, I think mostly he came back for the passing record. Deep down he knows it’s pretty much over. His arm is done.

  8. The Chiefs kicked ass and the whole article is about Manning…. smh

  9. Peyton stop crying like a bitch and man up

  10. Enjoy retirement Peyton because your career is over.

  11. Manning, hold your tears….. Chiefs are simply the better team. GO KC!

  12. Always knew Broncos were overrated

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