Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Kim Fields joins the sexy, flamboyant cast

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Kim Fields joins Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Fields joins fickle cast.

By Jodi Walker

ATLANTA, Georgia — As they say in the great state of Georgia: Y’ALL. I’m very nervous! I think I might be – steel yourself – enjoying this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Now, given, I enjoy every season with that sort of stunned disbelief that can only come from watching a grown woman in a nightie made of handkerchiefs throwing a pajama party for a bunch of other grown people that starts off seeming like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut ends up being like Bad Boys.

Yes, it provides a specific type of hide-behind-the-throw-pillow enjoyment. But the angle that the editors and producers seems to be taking in this show’s eighth season is a little less shock-factor and a little more willing to embrace the monster that they’ve created.

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  1. Porsha needs a story line this season and arm candy will do. Besides, she has not had any real dick in while so…Kandi loves the drama, she really does. Todd acting a spoiled , wet kept pet as this moment. He knows he has made it. They married , she pregnant, he set. He knows he run the show now, and now he don’t want her have any friends, and if he feels like it he can throw fits and have Kandi running behind him trying keep him happy

  2. Phaedra looks so hurt and lonely like she really could use a friend or a real good new man. As for the kids situation if they really want to see their dad, I mean like really, really want to see him then take them , they will get tired and lose interest in going. I understand her not wanting waste time around a prison for some broke loser that she does not need or want anymore for free. I get. Cynthia knows Peter cheats and does not care, she does not want to screw him anyways. What she has the problem with how he’s making her look.

  3. Kenya was messy but it was entertaining Lol

  4. Kim Fields is WAYYYY too normal for this show….

  5. brownsugar zeze

    Kim is boring.

  6. I feel sorry for anybody who follows this show

  7. Nuthin but a bunch of black hoes with no talent

  8. The show aint the same with NeNe………. should be canceled

  9. i used to think kim fields had class until now

  10. this show makes me puke

  11. Cancel this show please!!!!!

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