President Bill Clinton visits Kansas University to discuss racism & hate

Bill Clinton pays a visit to Kansas University

Bill Clinton talks bigotry at KU.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAWRENCE, Kan. — President Bill Clinton paid a visit to Kansas University on Monday to accept the 2015 Dole Leadership Prize, named after former Republican Kansas Senator Bob Dole. Clinton and Dole, if you recall, ran against each other for U.S. presidency in 1996. Now they’re good friends. Dole, 92, lives in Washington and didn’t attend the event. Nevertheless, Clinton was given the top honor as a reward for his bipartisan leadership in addition to the many wonderful things he’s accomplished since leaving office.

If you’re affiliated with KU, Clinton’s visit couldn’t come at a better time. The Jayhawks are currently struggling with racism on campus. Clinton, the nation’s 42nd president, addressed the issue at the Lied Center on KU’s campus in front of an estimated crowd of 600 people.

“We are less racist than we used to be. We are less sexist than we used to be. We are less religiously bigoted than we used to be. We are less homophobic than we used to be,” Clinton told the audience. “We have one remaining bigotry: We don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with us.”

Watch Clinton kick some knowledge and share your thoughts.


  1. He was an embarrassment to the Presidency

  2. America, How Are You?

    He is just an old reprobate. Perverted the Oval Office! Please keep this family out of American Politics! They are deviant’s.

  3. And we thought all that wisdom came from Monica Lewinsky
    How naive!

  4. All I’m seeing here is a bunch of hatred for the best President in my lifetime. Seems like big loads of sour grapes, especially considering the mess that his immediate successor made of our country.
    Bill Clinton could be reelected today. George Bush can’t even travel to many countries because of warrants for war crimes.

  5. My 85 year old dad looks younger than Bill. I guess tapping Hillary even once can do that to a man.

  6. I love this Guy !!! Has to be the favorite among men… Got caught getting his dick sucked by an intern , still talks his way out of it when she produced the dress he dumped is load on !! And his wife stayed with him !!! GO BILL !!You your wife can talk your way out of anything ! Screw the laws , ethics, interns !!!

  7. Bill is the best president in U.S. history

  8. Billy is not a good role model for KU students

  9. Screw KU!

  10. Bill Clinton embarrassed this country with his penis

  11. i wish bill could run for president one more time

  12. I wonder if Monica Lewinsky still has that dress? Haha!

  13. Sorry Bill, but there is no saving KU. That school sucks.

  14. he looks so old

  15. Mr. Clinton please enjoy retirement and leave us alone.

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