The Fresh Prince of DC? Actor Will Smith thinking about running for office


Will and Jada could end up in the White House

Actor Will Smith considers politics.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — President Will Smith and First Lady Jada Pinkett? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But it may happen… soon. The Oscar-nominated actor revealed his intentions to get into politics on Wednesday during his first ever podcast interview“As I look at the political landscape, I think there might be a future out there for me. They might need me out there,” Will said. “This is the first year that I’ve been incensed to a level that I can’t sleep. So I’m feeling at some point in the near future I will have to lend my voice to the conversation in a somewhat different way.”

Will, 47, and Jada, 44, are longtime supporters of President Barack Obama. Who knows? With the right breaks, they could end up becoming the second African-American couple to occupy the White House. “I’m a climber. If I see a mountain, I have to climb it,” Will said.

“I’m not a camper. I don’t like hanging in one place too long. I think at this point, I’m elevating my ability to be useful in the world. I think that’s what my grandmother always hoped, that I would make myself useful to people in this lifetime.”


  1. When your acting career starts tanking politics is the place you can go and just keep on acting.

  2. If he runs, he better be prepared for the questions. The rumors of his bisexuality, and his devotion to scientology will need to be addressed. Is he up to it?

  3. God help us all. Smith used to be a pretty decent guy, who, along with his sappy, no-talent wife, has just grown weirder and weirder over the years. (And don’t get me started on his Creepy Alien Children, who have brains the size of tomato seeds.) Plus, he has connections to the Cult of Scientology. We have enough nutcases in politics right now. Let us not add to the craziness…

  4. The insufferable prick, arrogant and mediocre actor now thinks that he can be a politician. What a moron.

  5. If by a long shot Ben Carson wins the next Presidential election and Will Smith after Ben, the US would have been served consecutively by three Black Presidents. If both are two “termers” that would be 24 years of continuous Black Presidency for the USA.

  6. In several of his movies, he’s pulled strings to get roles for his stupid kids. Hopefully he won’t do that if he enters politics. That shtick been done too many times in politics already.

  7. He couldn’t be much worse than any of the lunatics we’ve got right now.

  8. why not, politics are and always have been and ever will be about popularity. he wouldn’t be the first celebrity to bridge that tiny gap

  9. Justice League

    You have got to be kidding me? Will Smith as president? What a joke. smh

  10. if he becomes president i am leaving the country

  11. Racist Asshole

    We dont need another wacky black family in the white house

  12. stick to movies

  13. will & jada in office? thats the funniest thing i heard this year. lol

  14. I am ok with Will becoming president as long as he doesnt accept blow jobs from fat interns.

  15. I hope he wins and makes Jazzy Jeff his vice president.

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