Jahlil Okafor of the 76ers gets in street fight, punches heckler in the face

Jahlil Okafor punches a heckler in Boston

Jahlil Okafor hits heckler in the face.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BOSTON — Jahlil Okafor, star forward of the Philadelphia 76ers, beat the hell out of a heckler Wednesday night in Boston and TMZ has the footage. Okafor, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, was already in a bad mood after his hapless 76ers lost to the Boston Celtics. Perhaps to blow off some steam, Okafor and a few friends went out to a nightclub where they encountered a loud-mouth heckler who said “the 76ers suck.” Okafor retaliated by punching the man in the face.

Okafor also bragged about his income, telling the heckler: “We got money you broke ass nigga!” Several punches were thrown and a few connected. After the 6’11” forward knocked one man to the ground, another guy in a green jacket tried to punch Okafor in the back of the head.

Police were called to the scene. But everybody fled prior to their arrival and no arrests were made. A spokesperson from Okafor’s camp said he felt threatened and was acting in self-defense. The alleged victim, however, said Okafor became incensed when a couple of women rejected him.

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  1. Boasting and engaging in imature nonsense. What an Idiot you just open the door for this low life to take the money your bragging about. Expect Lawyers, hopefully he will learn from these growing pains.

  2. I bet the next thing this dude is going to do is file a lawsuit. People love to get tough knowing damn well they have no business going there and as soon as you lay them out they want to run to the media, court system etc. and share “their” story.

  3. Damn Jahlil I thought would be the last person to get into fights. In saying that its not a good look especially for a young professional athletes, no excuses him and sixers gonna take alotta Ls

  4. lmaoooo white boy getting knocked the fuck out

  5. Lorenzo Romero

    fucking hate bitch ass okafor now he’s a bitch just cuz his team suck ass he gotta take his anger out on fans dude is a bitch talking about how much cash he got greedy bitch fuck him hope he has no future in nba

  6. We got money? Nigga sit your ass down. It’s barely your first year in the nba and already with that mentality smh

  7. black men love to be violent

  8. The heckler got what he deserved

  9. the man was only telling the truth……. the sixers do suck

  10. this dummy is too stupid to realize that he is a celebrity and heckling comes with the territory.

  11. just another dumb athlete with money

  12. he needs to save his energy for the basketball court then maybe they will win some games

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