‘Newlywed Game’ host Sherri Shepherd declared responsible for surrogate baby


Sherri Shepherd will pay Lamar Sally child support

Sherri Shepherd responsible for surrogate baby.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PHILADELPHIA — An appeals court in Pennsylvania declared “Newlywed Game” host Sherri Shepherd legally responsible for her surrogate baby which means she’ll continue to pay child support. Sherri, who also co-hosted “The View,” has battled efforts to be named the baby boy’s mother ever since her marriage collapsed in May 2014. An attorney for ex-husband Lamar Sally believes Sherri should continue to pay $4,100 per month in child support as awarded by a family court in California. The couple paid a Philadelphia surrogate $105,000 to carry the child.

The Superior Court’s ruling is the first in Pennsylvania history to declare surrogacy contracts legally binding. Sherri supported the pregnancy at first then changed her mind when a divorce became imminent. Lamar, who’s unemployed, is raising the child alone in California.

Still no word on if Sherri wants visitation rights.


  1. Ok i really dont understand isnt her egg was being carried by the other women which was together with the husbands sperm? im not great with this practice but i think its known that surrogacy the women carried the child for the couple who are the real parents just having someone else carry that little blessing for them Am I right? and if i am than sherri has every responablity to suppor that child it is hers..So why doesnt she want to. I dont understand why she has to be ordered to care for her own child…

  2. How can shepherd have any credibility at all as a talk show host after her attempt to throw away this baby?

  3. This chick should never work again due to her horrible morals and values. She is a narcissist. Children are not something you can just put on the shelf when you are done playing with them. She makes me want to throw up. What a horrible person to put all this effort into a legal battle that is going to crush this child’s heart when they are old enough to know what has happened.

  4. Is anyone surprised? Isn’t this the same woman that left her first son with her ex for her “career” and moved clear across the country? Now she doesn’t want her replacement child. What a miserable woman learn how to be a mother.

  5. You would think that her heart would dictate that she be in this little boy’s life. She may not want to have anything to do with her ex, but why take it out on this innocent child that, through her actions, was brought into this world in the first place? So sad!

  6. Stupid people make decisions in haste and then think they can just walk away when they change their mind. She’s a bubble headed idiot clearly and barely knew this man when she married him. She was so needy and desperate to have a husband ( after constantly bashing the 1st husband in public I wondered why any other man would volunteer to be next) that she clearly didn’t give it much thought. But she wanted another child, signed the documents and when they broke up decided she would leave the surrogate and the baby hanging. She can’t just decide she doesn’t want it any more and return it like a sweater at Old Navy. But Sherri, you started this train, you have to ride it till the end and pay for what you wrought. $4100 a month . You can (and will) afford it. If the shoe was on the other foot, she would want more than that. Good for him for sticking it to her.

  7. I Have A Thought

    Sherri put your big girl panties on and care for the child. With that being said I still feel that the biological mother will be in the picture once the dust settles and it was the plan all along. You got duped. Ladies investigate stop being in such a hurry or desperate to be Mrs. Somebody.

  8. Interesting problem. She’s not the biological mother, but the legal mother. Still, it was her actions that brought the child into the world. I’m glad the courts upheld her responsibility. It’s a shame her heart didn’t.

  9. Sherri is proof black lives dont matter.

  10. She should be ashamed of herself

  11. Both of them are wrong for using that baby


  13. first she wanted the baby, now she dont. thats cold.

  14. Grow up Sherri

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