Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg team up again in the film “Daddy’s Home”

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Wahlberg and Ferrell get set for premiere

Will Ferrell teams up with Mark Wahlberg again.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DUBLIN — Hollywood icons Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are coming to Dublin in a couple weeks to attend the premiere of their new comedy “Daddy’s Home,” scheduled for release on Christmas Day. Ferrell and Wahlberg, if you recall, worked together before on the hit buddy comedy “The Other Guys.” They made the announcement through a video release, telling Irish fans, “We’re bringing you our faces and our new comedy Daddy’s Home. See you soon, and get your pubs ready.”

The fellas will saunter the red carpet at Dublin’s Savoy cinema on Dec. 7th then hang around for the premiere. Directed by Sean Anders, “Daddy’s Home” tells the comical story of a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who bends over backwards to become the best step-dad to his wife’s two children.

But his effort is undermined by the free-wheeling, freeloading antics of their real father (Wahlberg), forcing the insecure radio exec to battle for the affection of the children.


  1. Charlenny Rosario

    I just love mark❤️ he is so cute?

  2. God damn this looks awful.

  3. If this is as good as “the other guys” , it’s good enough for me

  4. Well this looks like shit.

  5. If Will’s future comedies are all going to be like this, it’s time to move on to drama! Come on Will, time for that Oscar! ;)

  6. So excited for this movie! Cant wait to see how bad it is!

  7. This movie looks so unbelievably stupid & fails so miserably at every highlighted attempt to be “funny” that one can only be awed and amazed by the people who, after watching this trailer, will actually pay money to watch this pathetic pile of shit. I don’t care if you’re 12 yrs old…if you think this looks like a “good” movie to see, you’re dumber then a second coat of paint.

  8. will ferrell hasnt been funny in 10 years

  9. This movie looks dumb but I will probably see it.

  10. i luv mark wahlberg 🙂

  11. both of them can suck my big toe……. i hate their movies

  12. I loved Will Ferrell in GEt Hard with Kevin Hart.

    I hope this movie is just as funny.

  13. this looks dope

    i love holiday movies

  14. Mark is the sexiest actor in Hollywood.

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