Ice-T & Coco welcome baby girl Chanel who has Twitter account


Ice-T and Coco just had a baby girl

Ice-T and Coco welcome newborn daughter Chanel.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Rap veteran Ice-T, 57, and wife Nicole “Coco” Austin, 36, are proud parents of a bouncy baby girl. The couple made the surprise announcement Saturday (Nov. 28) on Twitter. Her name is Chanel Nicole. Still no word on if she’ll receive a beverage moniker like her parents. The nickname Vanilla Ice would’ve been perfect. But’s it’s already taken. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for the cuddly hip hop heiress to follow in mommy and daddy’s footsteps. Chanel already has her own Twitter account and it goes by the handle @BabyChanelworld.

In her first post, Chanel is pictured with a no-nonsense facial expression that reads: “Ok! I’m the newest on Twitter. What’s crackin world!! No haters allowed…” Ice later tweeted a picture of Chanel sleeping with the caption: “I decided I’d be the Youngest girl with a Twitter page. What’s up!! I’m ready to ROCK!”

Laugh if you want to, but Chanel already has more than a thousand followers and the subscriber list is growing. But she’s only allowed to follow five accounts and they belong to her mom and dad, as well as Ice’s two adult children from previous relationships.

Chanel was born premature and weighs 5.7 pounds.

Congrats Ice and Coco on your new bundle of joy!


  1. I like Ice but that woman’s had so much plastic surgery she looks 20 years older than she is!

  2. They should get the kid into therapy now. Right now.

  3. Sure, Vanilla Ice was already taken, but you mean to tell me that Cocoa and Iced Tea didn’t name the kid something like Swiss Mocha? I have no hope for this world.

  4. Cute baby and a normal name, how refreshing!

  5. Ice. T will be 75 years old when his daughter graduates high school!

  6. Congratulations!!
    It appears, she looks like her proud daddy.
    Much happiness and best of luck.

  7. What a beautiful baby !!! And her name is cute !! I am a mother of 3 and a grandma of 2. The very best part of kids is infancy and toddlers..enjoy they grow very fast.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful little girl Chanel! Welcome to this crazy world. You are loved!

  9. Ice T is too damn old to be havin kids but congrats!

  10. I didnt know men that age could still have kids

  11. So happy for them Congrats!!! 🙂

  12. He will be gettin social security by the time she reaches 4th grade. smh

  13. Charles in Charge

    so sick of white girls getting knocked up by black guys

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