Funnywoman Amy Poehler gets 2,566th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Amy Poehler joins the Walk of Fame

Amy Poehler gets Hollywood star.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Comedic actress Amy Poehler just got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The “Saturday Night Live” alum was honored with the 2,566th star on Thursday in Los Angeles. Poehler’s SNL buddy Maya Rudolph showed up to lend support, as did her two children, Archie, 7, and Abel, 5, and her parents William and Eileen Poehler. “Congratulations, my dear friend,” said Rashida Jones, Poehler’s Parks and Recreation costar. “You have the unique combination of boundless talent and unwavering integrity.”

Poehler, 44, has enjoyed one helluva year. She co-hosted the Golden Globes with good friend Tina Fey, she completed the final season of “Parks and Recreation,” she kicked ass at the summer box office in Pixar’s Inside Out, she appeared in the Netflix comedy “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.”

Poehler also served as executive director for three shows, she filmed the new comedy “The House” with funnyman Will Ferrell and she’s getting set for the premiere of her new movie “Sisters” with Fey.


  1. Morrison Thompson

    when I think about people like Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa as recipients, it makes me cringe. They used to give them out once a year and now it seems every 3 months, someone gets one. They went from BIG stars to anyone who is a celebrity. I suppose it won’t be long before the Kardashians get stars. It has become a joke

  2. The Coolest Dude Alive

    WHO?? the walk of fame is a joke(and not a fun one)

  3. wonder who loaned her the money to buy her star

  4. who cares?????

  5. amy is fuckin hot

  6. They will give a star to anybody these days

  7. this is a joke

  8. Screw the haters!!! Congrats Amy! 🙂

  9. really WHY ?
    she aint done nothing

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