Let’s recap Busta’s Holiday party

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Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey less than stellar

Mariah Carey and Busta Rhymes failed to impress.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEWARK — Mariah Carey was a huge disappointment Saturday night while performing “I Know What You Want” with the man of the night at Hot 97’s Busta Rhymes and Friends: Hot for the Holidays concert in Newark, New Jersey. Among the performers were Lil Wayne, Fetty Wap, Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, Jeremih and Puff Daddy. Mariah, 45, looked absolutely amazing in a black leather ensemble and black corset. But the vocals simply weren’t there.

Perhaps Mariah, who was recently hospitalized, is still suffering from the flu? Or maybe there were issues with the sound system? Busta’s effort was nothing to brag about either. The 43-year-old rapper appeared to trudge through performances with minimal vigor and avidity.

It was, however, nice to see Busta bring out his old group ‘Leaders of the New School’ and ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ members Q-Tip, Phife Dawg and Jarobi White for a special performance of the “Scenario.”

Other than that, highlights were at a premium.

Watch the performances below, judge for yourself:


  1. This is a mess. I’m sorry. I love Mariah Carey, and what she has done for the music industry. I’m not trying to discredit her for anything she’s done in the past. At her prime, No one could touch her vocals. She sounds bad now… She needs to work on her vocals from whatever caused the vocal damage or stop singing. Of course she doesn’t sound horrible but she sounds bad from what we usually know her voice as, earlier in her career she could sing like a bird chirping lol. also I know she just got out of the hospital, and all. I understand that, but what about all the times she lip synch the wrong words lol. I’m not discrediting anything Mariah did in the 90s and early 2000’s. I’m talking about 2015 Mariah lol.

  2. Mariah you are a LEGEND ICON VOICE GODDESS !! This is tragic your voice is done babe dont ruin your legacy w/ this.

  3. mariah sounds like shit

  4. People don’t get Mariah got out of the hospital because she had the flu… She sounds damn good for someone that just had severe body fatigue.


    Ok lemme tear all them haters to shreds. Mariah just got out of the hospital and still got up and did her thing cut her some slack 1st of all. And also she has been booked for over 20 years!!!! It is common sense that her voice would change! Her voice is iconic and until our trashy generation of strippers and so called “Artists” can accomplish what Mariah has done with clothes on…we can talk. Also,Although she may not be as talented and have the same vocal abilities as she used to it really doesn’t matter! The point is Slayriah had it but no matter what happens she is still the queen. Her amazing success is undeniable and she paved the way for our generations artist along with so many other legends such as Michael,Whitney,Pattie,Janet,PrinceTina and so many others. P.S…Don’t be responding anything stupid like “She can’t sing” or “Just shut up your useless” cuz I won’t give to shits so just don’t bother.;)

  6. She was at the hospital half day because she was dehydrated. They say she had the flu, we somehow have to take the word of her team for truth. Let’s not make this into “she was dying in a hospital bed” type of thing. Still this performance was for a party for fun, we will see how she does the incoming one. Hopefully she will sound good.

  7. time for them to hang it up

  8. i luv mariah but this was not good

  9. Mariah is a Queen ❤

    and fuck all you hating ass hoes ?

  10. This must be the worst live performance I have ever seen…my god..65 yr old Busta sounding like a suffering asthma patient and Carey hitting notes that could my deaf uncle could do. Horrible …

  11. mariah had an off night….. happens to the best of em….. she will be back

  12. Busta sounds like he needs an inhaler

  13. Pop Goes The Weasel

    Smokin weed will fuck up your voice

  14. Im sorry not even hating but if you think Mariah sounds good here then your either in denial or you haven’t heard Mariah Carry sing live when she was in her prime

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