Bill Cosby files countersuit against female accusers for defamation of character

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Bill Cosby is flipping the script

Bill Cosby suing female accusers.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — “Game time bitches.” After more than four dozen women accused him of sticking his JELL-O pudding pop where it doesn’t belong, Bill Cosby has decided to fight back. “The Cosby Show” alum has filed a countersuit against seven accusers who claim he drugged and raped them. Cosby has dismissed the allegations as false. In his mind, the ladies are merely out to ruin his career. Cosby, 78, is suing Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie.

The embattled comedian is claiming emotional distress. He’s also accusing the women of making “malicious, opportunistic, false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct against him” to thwart his return to television.

Prior to the sexual assault claims, Cosby was set to star in a brand new family comedy series on NBC. He said once word got out about his comeback, the women made up a bunch of bogus allegations that have caused him shame and mortification.

Does Cosby have a strong case?

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  1. Take this to court. It would be nice to see evidence by either side. If he is guilty, he should be disgraced. If he’s innocent, the accusers should receive a sentence.

  2. There are 60 women who discredited themselves the minute the opened their mouths to make false accusations against Dr Bill Cosby. It won’t be too much trouble getting them to recant their obvious lies in a court of law. Dr Bill Cosby has a tremendous legal team and there’s no doubt they are perfectly capable of extracting the truth from these women. A quick glance at their stories exposes them for the liars they are and hopefully the clear message being sent out to similar lowly people looking to shakedown a beloved celebrity will deter the likes of Gloria Allred from scheduling scores more of these fraudsters in the future to make false accusations in the press.

  3. I’d say Bill that along the way with all the evidence on the table that it is you who destroyed your own legacy and brought a lot of harm with you……you owe those gals…

  4. He has to be the ugliest old man — what’s on the inside is ozzing out on the outside.

  5. Professor Plum

    None of these women want a genuine day in court. Some were hoping to ride the Andrea Constant gravy train to a settlement back in 2005 but were shut out when Constand took her ill-gotten settlement and knifed them in the back. Now, those con artists are back for the 2015 edition of Kill Bill with no more proof of a crime than they had a decade ago hoping to force a settlement from the legendary humanitarian and entertainer. But not in the courts. Even Judy Huth is stalling her deposition to put off the day in court neither her nor sponsor Gloria Allred are prepared for. I’m sure Dr Cosby’s ace legal team are chomping at the bit to get these women in a courtroom under oath. The press has given them a free ride but the police, prosecutors and judicial system will not be so accommodating to their lies and slander. There have been no findings of criminal conduct on the part of Bill Cosby. There have been no criminal charges laid against Bill Cosby. There has been not one criminal conviction against Bill Cosby not even one finding of civil liability against this great man. These women have nothing but gossip and have been selling their gossip to every rag that will have them. Let’s hope that every dime of that blood money is taken from them and they are forced to admit their lies publically. They’re no victims. They are a pack of women lying about rape to line their own pockets.

  6. Now that Cosby is finally lifting a finger in defense, the public will want ANSWERS. Does he know these women? Was there intimacy? Did he feed them quaaludes?

    Now that he is officially SUING his alleged rape victims, the public will want an EXPLANATION out of HIS own mouth detailing exactly why and how these women he’s suing have “damaged” him. Let him tell his side of the story!

  7. he shouldve gave those bitches hush money. haha

  8. Bill is the man. Fucked over 50 women and got away with it.

  9. this sick old pervert should be in jail

  10. Stay strong Mr. Cosby

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