Ex-Royals pitcher Johnny “Cap’n Save-A-Staff” Cueto joins San Francisco Giants

Johnny Cueto returns to National League

Johnny Cueto signs deal with the San Francisco Giants.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SAN FRANCISCO — Just days after turning down a lucrative multi-year deal from the Arizona Diamondbacks, former Kansas City Royals pitcher Johnny “Cap’n Save-A-Staff” Cueto reached an agreement on a six-year contract with the San Francisco Giants for $130 million. The deal also includes an opt-out after the second year. Unlike his rocky experience with the World Champion Royals, Cueto won’t be asked to rescue the Giants. San Fran already has a savior who goes by the name Madison Bumgarner. 

“Johnny has always been, and rightly so, very high on our list … high on our short list,” Giants general manager Bobby Evans said. “He’s somebody we’ve admired for a long time.” Cueto, 29, has a career record of 96-70 with a 3.30 ERA over parts of eight seasons with the Cincinnati Reds and Royals.

The dreadlocked Dominican has one All-Star appearance.

Royals general manager Dayton Moore acquired Cueto from the Reds in a July non-waiver deadline trade to anchor a weak pitching rotation. After posting disappointing numbers for the Royals in the regular season (4-7 record with a 4.76 ERA in 13 starts), Cueto bounced back to pitch a couple of gems in the playoffs to help KC win its first World Series title since 1985.

Will Cueto fit in with the Giants?

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  1. Not only are baseball salaries through the roof; they’re just about approaching Saturn. And baseball pitchers are cashing in. It seems the ace of the staff gets $30 mil; the 2nd best pitcher gets $20 mil; and the 3rd best pitcher gets $10 mil. What a great pecking order to reward playing this great game. The owners are basically offering blank checks and everyone concerned, especially the sports agents, are glad all over. Nevertheless, the Giants signing Cueto and if he stays healthy to win 15+ games, the every other year World Champion Giants will do it again in 2016.

  2. Cueto couldn’t handle the AL hitters as mediocre for the Royals in a pitchers ballpark. No AL team would pay that much!

  3. lol, what a waste of money…decent pitcher, but not for that much for that long.

  4. good riddance…. he sucked in a royals uniform…. he belongs in the national league

  5. He didnt save the Royals. He pitched two good games in the playoffs and that was it.

  6. cant believe they paid him that much

  7. The Giants just wasted $130 mil

  8. once a royal always a royal…. thanks for the memories johnny 🙂

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