Cam plays Santa with Ice Cube & Kevin Hart

Ice Cube, Cam Newton and Kevin Hart embrace holiday spirit

Cam Newton plays Santa in Charlotte.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

CHARLOTTE — High school students in Charlotte got a big Secret Santa surprise as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton joined Ride Along 2’s Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for the second annual “Santa Cam’s Surprise Sleigh” Christmas event on Tuesday. The holiday tour was done in conjunction with the football player’s foundation. Cam didn’t bother wearing Santa’s customary red suit. Nor did he sport a long white beard. But the NFL star wore an ugly Christmas sweater to go along with his Santa cap.

Cam, who’s performing at an MVP level for the first place Panthers, greeted fans for more than five hours — making multiple stops across the city. He began the afternoon handing out cookies at a Metro School that serves handicapped children.

After that, Cam visited Dick’s Sporting Goods before wrapping things up at Harding University High. “This doesn’t happen often. It really doesn’t,” Cam said while getting into his car between stops.

“As long as we have the opportunity to set history, I would regret setting history and not being able to create lasting impressions or memories. I think I’m making it the time of my life because every day I get another opportunity.”


  1. Cam Newton has turned out to be a stand-up guy. What a role model for the kids!

  2. how does anyone not like this guy? Great athlete, Great study of the game, stays out of trouble and gives back to the community. wow

  3. danm Kevin hart is short, he looks like Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boys.

  4. awesome, you gotta love Cam…he is the man

  5. Newton is the definition of an attention whore cuz his parents didnt give him enough.

  6. got 2 love those guys keep pounding

  7. Cam is my new favorite football player! 🙂

  8. Cam is the man

  9. Kevin Hart is the most overrated celeb in the universe.

  10. so nice to see these handsome black men stepping up for the community

  11. i luv it….. GO CAM!!!!

  12. LoriskHireward

    haters keep hating, while the guy avails himself – mid-season, no less – to help out the less fortunate. sometimes, humbling yourself to accept the fact that someone you thought did NOT actually HAS a heart is the right thing to do. this kid has become a man in a very short time – maybe his next pursuit will be mentoring younger players (or even some veterans) on being more HUMAN in their pursuits…

  13. CAM FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!! 🙂

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