Tupac Shakur Still Alive? New biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ raises conspiracy theories

Tupac clone raises conspiracy theories

Rapper Tupac Shakur making video comeback.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Tupac Shakur alive? Let the death conspiracies begin. That’s because Demetrius Shipp Jr. — the actor hired to portray the rap legend in Morgan Creek Production’s new biopic “All Eyez On Me” — is a dead ringer for Tupac. Demetrius was approached by producer L.T. Hutton about playing Tupac because of the striking resemblance between the two. Void of acting experience, Demetrius took a bunch of crash performing arts classes to learn the craft. Now he has a job.

Show business appears to run in the family. Demetrius’ father, who once worked in the music industry, crossed paths with Tupac back in the day and he’s been a huge fan ever since. Directed by music video guru Benny Boom, “All Eyez On Me” chronicles the musical ups and downs of Tupac’s entire life — which includes his beef with industry rivals and his shocking death in 1996.

Production has already kicked off in Atlanta.

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  1. Men they better do this movie right why they didn’t pick a real movie director

  2. Keith Richards' Itchy Gooch

    That’s really Tupac’s hologram working on an autobiographical film.

  3. In all fairness, he doesn’t have to look like Tupac to give a convincing portrayal of his character.

    Lil’ Mama bares absolutely no resemblance to Lisa “Left-eye” Lopes, but her performance in the TLC biopic was phenomenal! At times, I actually felt like I was watching Left-eye on the screen.

    However, I’m not a fan of rap or any genre that promotes violence and ignorance. I will not watch or support this project.

  4. This guy looks like gay version of 2 pac

  5. The guy who played him on straight outta compton looks more like him

  6. cant wait to see this shit

  7. let tupac rest in peace

  8. I hope this is better than TLC’s biopic

  9. You know you’re loved when, nearly 20 years after your death, people still refuse to believe you’re gone.

  10. Bullshit! He aint Tupac.

  11. That nigga Tupac is still alive. haha

  12. Welcome back Pac!!!!!!!

  13. Aleksander Olsen

    Personally i would want someone who look like tupac who can’t act for shit, over one who can act and look nothing like him, just like Tupac in the Biggie biopic smh.

  14. jermaine williams

    They better get this movie right or else there will be a world war 3 of us pac fans bombing on these niggaz

  15. this guy ugly as fuck not look like 2pac

  16. i miss tupac 🙁

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