Steve Harvey announces wrong winner of the 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant

Steve Harvey crowns wrong Miss Universe

Steve Harvey screws up Miss Universe pageant.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAS VEGAS — Steve Harvey has too many damn jobs and they’re beginning to take their toll. The 58-year-old talk show host was forced to apologize after mistakenly crowning Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez-Arévalo, as the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant. After she received the crown and performed the ritual wave, Gutierrez-Arévalo was asked to give the crown back so that it can be given to the rightful winner — Pia Alonzo Wurztbach of the Philippines.

An embarrassed Harvey came back on stage to fulfill the dubious obligation of removing the crown. “The first runner-up is Colombia,” he told the bewildered audience. “Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines.” 

“Listen, folks. Let me just take control of this,” Harvey continued. “This is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake.” Upon learning the shocking news, Wurztbach proceeded to look around in complete amazement.

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  1. hey look at the bright side if you think about it they both got to see how it felt to be miss universe


  3. Jennie Kerfuffle

    This was so horrible for three people:
    1) Miss Colombia, because her dreams came true but then were immediately crushed.
    2) Miss Philippines, because she didn’t properly get her moment. Instead, she probably felt bad for Miss Colombia for having to go back on stage and take the crown.
    3) Steve Harvey, because he most likely feels absolutely terrible, and there is no doubt that people are going to drag him for this forever.

  4. Please, PLEASE let this moron present at the Oscars someday. … “And the Oscar goes to…. Spike Lee! Yeah, playa! Haha- Oh, oh… wait now, y’all…. I read the wrong name. The Oscar really goes to … to… Martian Scissors…. uh.. Martin Scor- uh… Martin Scorsexy….”

  5. I really feel bad for Miss Colombia. I dont watch this shows but damn… I would hate to be in her shoes. Im sure it’s also really awkward for Miss Philippines too.

  6. Nigga please!

  7. This was a horrible and an awkward situation. but please let’s just put it this way. No one expected it to happen and no one was pleased. we all make mistakes. So let’s just understand the whole situation. We can all say that it hurts like a hell for miss columbia but she has nothing to do with it and i really felt sorry for her. Some people saying that miss philippines is a bit rude, well i think that’s not true. If you are in her position, of course! you will be shocked and you don’t know what to do. But in the end, she tried to approach miss columbia but the staff let her off the stage. And for steve, yeah! It’s a huge mistake but we’re not perfect. Anyways, it’s still a good night. Stop the hatings please. Congrats to Miss Philippines and to everyone.

  8. Come on, he’s human. Accidents happen. Feel bad for all three of them.

  9. Right now Bill Cosby has a better chance of hosting Miss Universe next year. At least he can read, fine print on pill bottles.

  10. Racist Asshole

    just proves that blacks cant read

  11. Harvey has played the goofy dumb guy so long I’m afraid he may have shown just how much he’s NOT acting. What disturbed me about the whole thing is the fact that Harvey kept standing there and letting the mistake go on. He should have immediately held his hands up and stopped the show to correct his mistake. It was as if he was afraid Miss Columbia was going to beat him up or something. Poor Miss Philipines seemed to understand that she was the winner, but had to stand there looking confused as if to say “Do I reach and claim my crown or is anyone here got the balls to reclaim it and properly present it to me. Although I feel terrible for Miss Columbia, I can’t agree that both should be crowned winners as that would be cheating Miss Philipines of her rightful glory. Personally, I think it was a mistake to make Harvey the host. He doesn’t present the correct respect and dignity this pageant SHOULD demand. Too much celebrity ego and not enough respectful accuracy. I can’t begin to imagine the pain from the Columbia side nor the elation from the Philipines.

  12. this makes black people look bad

  13. Not only do I blame Steve Harvey, I blame the TV executives as well and here is why. Every time the TV executives’ think a particular black person is successful in one area, They use that person over and over again. Case in point Samuel L Jackson, Steve Harvey, Hallie Berry and Kerry Washington. I would be very dishearten if I attended a school for acting and spend my time, energy and money to learn the craft only to not get the part because the TV and movie executives want to use the tired #$%$ stars listed above. Those are just a few people in the black race if you want black. Please start giving others a chance.

  14. It was brutal to watch. I thought it was weird they didn’t announce the runner up first like they always do and then just announced Columbia as the winner. Then when I saw Harvey slinking closer and closer to her I thought something is wrong. When he announced he’d made a mistake, I was horrified for both women. What a terrible thing to have happened, to strip one of the crown and the woman that actually won had all her thunder stolen. It was terrible to watch.

  15. thanks steve…. this is the funniest thing i seen in awhile

  16. uneducated nigger

  17. @Vern: show some class if you know how

  18. Isnt this the same guy who gives black women advice on how to find love?

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