Taraji lets Golden Globe do the talking

Carrie Underwood

Taraji P. Henson wins Golden Globe award

Taraji P. Henson lashes out at homophobes.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BEVERLY HILLS — If you have a problem with homosexual activity on Empire, Taraji P. Henson says you can kiss her cookies because the television ratings speak for themselves. After claiming her first Golden Globe award for best actress in a television drama Sunday night, the 45-year-old actress was asked if the cast was bothered by mounting homophobic criticism of the popular Fox series which features Jussie Smollett as a gay R&B vocalist. 

“We ignore that. That’s nonsense and that’s fear, so we understand where that’s coming from, so there’s nothing to comment on that. The numbers speak for themselves,” said Taraji who plays fan favorite Cookie Lyon in the primetime musical drama.

“People are dealing with this, it’s not a joke, that’s why it’s in the script. It’s not for show, it’s not for sensationalism. It’s because people are struggling with this. And that’s why we shed light on it. You can’t make everybody happy, we don’t try to. We just try to touch and affect lives and I think we have. We’re always going to have haters, so here’s to all my haters! I’ll send you cookies, thanks.”

Do you agree with Taraji?

Does Empire contain too much homosexuality?

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  1. She’s so beautiful. I’m so happy for her. Long overdue and well deserved. ^^

  2. Can’t stand this woman. She’s so involved in herself that it ruins her.

  3. While I don’t watch “Empire”, I’m proud of Taraji! She’s been in the game for yrs. and, put in alot of work! She deserved this!

  4. Viola winning the Emmy, Taraji winning the Golden Globe…I may cry. What a great year. She deserves this moment.

  5. TARAJI AND TERANCE remind me of GINA AND MARTIN. I just love them together. Congrats Taraji. So happy for you! God is good!

  6. Hmmmmmm TARAJI is that BOSS CHIC!!! You got to love her!

  7. Personally, I think Jennifer Lawrence should replace Taraji as Cookie. She is much prettier. I understand if you don’t feel the same way and that’s cool. Just my opinion.?

  8. I love me some Taraji!! In true nigga fashion, she thanked her entire squad when she won that award!! That’s what I’m talking about! Remembering those who helped you along the way and staying humble!

  9. taraji please sit on my face so i can eat your cookies

  10. all u haters can kiss taraji’s ass………. she is the best!

  11. Johnny on the Spot

    I bet cookie got some good cookies

  12. Cookie Monster

    Taraji is the shit

  13. love me some cookie

  14. TPH is a sexy black goddess

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