Ex-NFL star Lawrence Phillips commits suicide, found dead inside prison cell

Lawrence Phillips commits suicide

Former NFL star Lawrence Phillips found dead.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

DELANO, Calif — Former NFL runningback Lawrence Phillips, who starred collegiately at the University of Nebraska, was found dead inside his prison cell early Wednesday morning and officials at Kern Valley State Prison are suspecting suicide. Phillips, 40, was found unresponsive shortly after midnight. He was pronounced dead at 1:30 AM. Phillips had been in solitary confinement since April 2013 after being charged with killing his cellmate, 37-year-old Damion Soward.

Phillips played for the St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers. He was blessed with an assortment of physical gifts but never could stay out of trouble. Phillips, who was arrested several times during the course of his life, was convicted of choking his former girlfriend.

He also received a conviction for driving his car into three teenagers in 2005.


  1. Wonder how long before a relative says he was fixing his life and hire a lawyer because they think the prison guards killed him.

  2. I saw this coming. Rest in peace LP.

  3. Crazy! I wouldn’t know personally how It is to be incarcerated, but I’m positive it isn’t fun. Your world goes from huge to microscopic and all of the stuff prisoners deal with is nonsense. Worst part is that they put themselves into that microscopic world. But stuff like getting stabbed for some chicken flavor powder from a top ramen package, or being a certain skin color is part of that nonsense. People in there say they won’t come back to prison but yet they’re in there making shanks, drugs, and alcohol all day everyday and getting busted and adding to their time. I’m pretty sure Lawrence was going through it in there, especially being an NFL star. Other prisoners know that and word gets around and prisoners start to hate on you and always try to pull your card. Coming from a great career, travelling the country, and making decent money to living in a world where 80% of people are just ruthless, out to cause havoc, and plain retarded is a tough change. If you’re not used to being around that, it will definitely be a struggle for you to adapt. Especially with nobody liking you. Like I said, they put themselves in that situation though. Not much you can do. R.I.P Lawrence Phillips

  4. thats fucked up

  5. What a waste… couldve been rich and successful


  7. Let’s all take a moment to thank Tom Osborne for “helping” Phillips by allowing him to play in the big game after dragging his girlfriend down the steps by her hair and smashing her face into a mailbox. Just imagine how Phillips’ glorious life might have turned out if not for the fatherly intervention of the biggest piece of **** this side of Jimbo Fisher.

  8. He got word the Rams were leaving STL… the last straw.

  9. Could see this coming a mile away. Sad

  10. Damn shame….. hate to see him go out like that. smh

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