American Idol star Adam Lambert joins cast of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

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Rocky Horror Show welcomes Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert joins Rocky Horror remake on Fox.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is the latest addition to Fox TV’s remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, network officials announced on Thursday. Lambert, 33, will play Eddie — the former delivery guy and motorcyclist who sings “Hot Patootie: Bless My Soul.” The role was originally played by Meat Loaf in the 1975 cult classic. “I grew up watching Rocky Horror, but could never imagine that I would be part of this new vision,” said Lambert in a statement.

“Rocky Horror always made me feel like it was OK to celebrate my weirdness. Hallelujah, bless my soul! I love that old-time rock-n-roll!”

Lambert joins a star-studded, kooky cast that includes Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Ryan McCarten as Brad, Victoria Justice as Janet and Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff. The remake is directed by Kenny Ortega.

The show will air this fall.


  1. Adam Lambert in RHPS? BEST example of PERFECT casting EVAH! I can’t wait! :DDD

  2. This fiasco is a disaster just waiting to happen. Rocky Horror fans will never accept this horrendous debacle.

  3. Totally miscast, they should have had either Bruce or Caitlyn play Frank-N-Furter…now that I’m thinking about it, Kris is a dead ringer for Tim Curry in drag so I think I’m leaning toward her.

  4. Can’t some classic movies and plays be left alone and not remade? Why don’t these studios pick a movie that did horrible in the box office and remake those into a better movie, not this #leavetheclassicsalone

  5. I plan to watch this specifically to figure out how they thought this would work and see how badly they screw it up. I am all for a remake or re-imagining when it is something that can have a new spin put on it. This… how? And for TV no less? This is going to be a particularly painful trainwreck.

  6. Some things are NOT meant to be replicated. This is one of them!
    None of these weakling wannabees can EVER replace the original cast….and NO ONE can EVER, EVER replace Meat Loaf as Eddie….
    (However, the actor who played Mr. Filch in the “Harry Potter” movies would make a Perfect Riff Raff….but that wouldn’t do because the clueless casting people would automatically deemed that actor to be “too old” for the part.)
    Hope this entire, foolish project crashes and burns…

  7. The whole cast aint nuthin but a bunch of weirdos and freaks

  8. Sherry (@shadylady1031)

    I’m laughing my head off at these comments no way any of these haters even saw the original show in 1975. They spend their lives hating on everything. I can’t wait to see the remake of this fantastic show.

  9. Bonni Moschetti

    Adam Lambert is PERFECT for the role of eddie! He is a sexy rockgod!

  10. Naysayers would do well to reserve judgement. Adam has a way of slaying every challenge he’s faced with (see: touring as Queen’s frontman to critical and popular acclaim), leaving doubters munching on humble pie and crow in his wake. Just give it a chance.

  11. Not convinced RHPS should be remade, but if there’s a man for the role it’s Adam Lambert. Proving himself with Queen… that boy can sing!

  12. He is perfect for this part and i am so happy for him

    too bad he’s gay because he is sooooooooo sexy

  13. @Bonni Moschetti: Adam Lambert is a homosexual rockgod!

  14. adam is so fuckin hot……….. i absolutely luv that man

  15. MARRY ME ADAM!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. gay or not he is sexy as hell

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