Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s artistic dream slaughtered and society murdered it

Dr. King’s dream hasn’t come to fruition

Dr. King’s reverie dead and buried.

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SELMA — Okay, who are we fooling? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “dream” is dead, deceased and extirpated. There’s really no point in sugarcoating the obvious. Dr. King’s sweet reverie in 1963 – which encompasses racial harmony, economic ascension and educational prosperity – has been, by all accounts, ‘deep-sixed’ as we settle into a somewhat precarious New Year. Remember the “Freedom 2 Twerk” party flyer that went viral in 2014?

You know, the teenage poster that contained an image of Dr. King’s headshot superimposed on a gold-chain-donning, gang-sign-flaunting street hood which, in my opinion, still serves as a textbook example of the generational disconnect that continues to handicap the urban community.

For many young people, Dr. King’s memory signifies a day off from work and/or school and, as adults, it’s mostly our fault because we should know better. During a recent interview on CNN, Dr. Bernice King (King’s daughter) addressed the aforementioned promotional banner by labeling a large chunk of today’s 30-and-under demographic “ignorant” and she’s probably right.

But the idiocy she’s referring to must’ve been inherited from a 31-and-older populace that continues to shortchange our kids. Bad parenting typically equates to bad children and it’s infrequent to see one subsist without the other.

See, the real problem behind the socioeconomic predicament in impoverished communities rests solely with indolence.  We’re talking complacency within politics, education and parenting. Notice yours truly left out religion. Yes, that exclusion was intentional because those of us with common sense understand our Lord and Savior assists those who assists themselves first.

Speaking of assist… contrary to Fox News and general public opinion, African-Americans aren’t economic bottomfeeders because of simplemindedness. Instead, disgruntled blacks are median-income cellar-dwellers because everyone assumes someone else is going to do the dirty work for them.

Truth be told, uninformed voters continue to support and/or elect the same marionettes for political representation, yet wonder why economic progress has reached a stalemate. That brings us to Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are probably good men.

But, given the fact African-Americans rank dead last in every key economic category, it’s probably safe to conclude their political impact ain’t worth diddly squat on Capitol Hill. Don’t mean to beat a dead horse. But, at some point, blacks must come to the realization you don’t need a leader to finish last.

No sir.

You can hit rock bottom by your damn self.

Also, too many people are quick to cry ‘foul’ when addressing the failing nature of our nation’s public education system. But ask any teacher and he or she will tell you there’s no parental urgency to coerce slacking children into performing adequately inside the classroom.

Look, you can blame politicians if you want. But legislators can only do so much. For positive change to transpire, parents need to get off their butts. It’s as simple as that.

Then there’s crime. 

As body-bag counts escalate, the urban community has taken over the lead in post-homicidal prayer vigils which is ironic because you stand a better chance of winning the Power Ball than coaxing a brotha or sistah to cough up a tip.

More food for thought… in America, black-on-black infliction is so frequent, many urban communities nationwide are celebrating King’s holiday by making Monday a “No Shots Fired” day aimed at the NRA. Heck, with that being the case, it’s probably no coincidence practically every street named after Dr. King remains tarnished with senseless gun violence. 

As previously mentioned, chronic lethargy coupled with immense finger-pointing underscore the socioeconomic quandary in Urban America. Neither peril has affiliation with Dr. King’s fantasy. 

He has to be rolling over in his grave.

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  1. A truly inspirational figure who spearheaded the campaign for the improvements of African American rights, who was horribly assassinated in his prime :(

  2. 1 great man in the history of America . God bless him .

  3. MLK’s message lives on in Bernie Sanders.

  4. What a waste. He was nothing but a leader of a group of loud mouth idiots who had caused more problems in this country than the clown we now have in the once White House. The idiots in the government figured that if they made him famous and had a holiday for him it would appease his black brothers. it didn’t, they still cause more harm than any other nationality in this country.

  5. I have a dream that when Martin Luther King made that speech on that August 28,1963,we had made progress but since that time we have gone backwards. We aren’t free maybe to a certain extent but no n yes we have a black President so my question to you is . What has he done so great for the Black American’s we are still the under dog’s we can’t live where we would like to live we still make pennies on the dollar . Our kid’s still can’t enjoy life without the scary feeling of the white racist robbing n stealing our young black men to them it either prison or death is this Freedom no. When you use the doctor’s the nurse’s n dentist to steal our health for their own Capital Gain using who we pay to Protect Us is used to Kill Us with Manipulation of the Court System so I have a dream as Martin that we are Free from all of all of the Evil doing’s and that my mother a mixed racial woman a christian woman get Justice for her murder as well as Ms. Gibson’s mother who was also murdered in the same hospital along with many many others Trayvon Martin Freddy White and many many more yes I have that dream for REAL PEACE.

  6. Dr. King is one black life that mattered. Rest in peace.

  7. I have a dream that one day I will drive thru a black neighborhood and
    not see every 5th house burned down \ abandoned, looking like I am driving thru Detroit not seeing
    black people selling drugs on street corners, I have a dream where they
    stop bitching about slavery and making the white man guilty about it .I
    have a dream you will wake up and see the democrats are using you for
    their own gain ..You’re still a slave and you don’t even know it

  8. Funny most blacks today would call him an uncle Tom and treat him like shit if he was alive today.

  9. The message of Dr. King needs to be revisited from time to time, by all people and by all times, lest we forget the great message and sacrifice of a truly great man. A great man who taught non-violence, and taught that words can strike a man through the heart even more than a bullet.

  10. wakeupamerica32

    At one time blacks had a 100% employment rate, then came the cotton gin. Its a right wing conspiracy to keep the black man down I tell you.

  11. This article is so true. Sad, but true.

  12. NAACP…you really want to honor MLK? go to work, stay together as a family, quit drugs, stop racism and excuses…

  13. This whole MLK thing is black racism. If whites rallied around one of their heroes and celebrated every time a piece of history of blacks’ ancestors got thrown in the dumpster it wouldn’t last long — the PC crowd would make sure it was stopped.

  14. @TurnHearts MLK advocated equality regardless of race. His agenda was hijacked a long time ago by the rac ist democrats.

  15. MLK would be first in line protesting the actions of Obama and his divisive leadership.

  16. is it too late to send blacks back to africa?????

  17. Dr. King was a great man. So sad to see so many black people betray his legacy. smh 🙁

  18. Luv the article! Well written and true.

  19. Just had a dream that one day blacks would stop shooting each other and take responsibility for their own bullshit instead of blaming whitey.

  20. Why do black people dont have dreams anymore?

  21. R.I.P. We still need people like you.

  22. Thanks Dr Martin Luther King Jr for all u did and your courage..R. I. P…

  23. This is making me cry of happiness he did so much to change everything He was born were I live I well always remember him RIP Martin Luther king Jr 😢😭

  24. Christine D. God's special one!

    A great man of God!! See you in heaven one day Martin Luther King Jr! 🙏 Happy Birthday!!☺

  25. Jean Pierre Wehry

    To this day, Martin Luther King Jr. Is one of the most influential people of all time. His message and purpose will live on forever.

  26. Wish I could disagree with this editorial but I can’t…… damn shame what’s going on in the hood today. Keep prayin

  27. I had a dream that all blacks can say nigga but all others can’t

  28. Moments like these should never die, we live in history. For our generations to know about the events that happened in the era of slavery, not only in the United States. if not also in other parts of the world for which MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. fight and gave his life to change it.
    peace to his memory

  29. “I had a dream, where my four children will not be treated by the color of their skin, but the content of their character” -Martin Luther King jr.
    BTW did i spelled character right?

  30. MLK would support President Trump’s agenda were he still alive. MAGA.

  31. Preach Dr. Martin Luther Ling Jr. Preach. 🙏🏻

  32. “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatrid”
    My fav MLK quote ❤❤

  33. I had to learn this speech for school.I know this speech and I’m now understanding the importance of such legendary words!

  34. It’s sad that racisim is still here. Let’s all just be grateful that segregation isn’t. 👧👧🏾 👨👨🏿

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