Republican Stacey Dash accuses African-Americans of setting double standard

Stacey Dash is sick of black double standard

Actress Stacey Dash still at war with BET Network.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WASHINGTON — Republican pundit Stacey Dash and BET officials are still at each other’s throats and neither side is showing signs of slowing down. Stacey, if you recall, set the African-American community on fire during a recent appearance on Fox News when she called the boycott against the Oscars “ludicrous” before labeling the BET Network, the NAACP Image Awards and Black History Month a “double standard.” She also called for the dismantling of BET.

BET officials retaliated by tweeting an image of Stacey making a guest appearance on BET’s “The Game” in the early 2000s, for which the 49-year-old actress received remuneration. Now Stacey is firing back. The “Clueless” star wrote a blog called “How BET Lies To Black People” and she held nothing back.

“BET lies to American black people by telling them that the rest of America is racist, so stick close to your own kind,” Stacey wrote. “My problem goes back to the notion that every area of life needs to break down exactly according to demographic ratios except in those areas in which black people have decided they want to have their own space. I don’t have a problem with black people having their own space. I have a problem with the folks at BET absolutely freaking out when other institutions don’t match up to what they think is best.”

Do you agree with Stacey?

Is there a black double standard?

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  1. Yay for Stacey Dash – If I started a WHITE entertainment Network, or had WHITE pride parades I would be labeled racist! There should be no segregation, WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS!!!

  2. Good Lord I’m so sick of hearing dumb stuff from this coon! Don’t know who I hate worse Stacey or Raven,she is a hepacrit u were on The Game & not while it was on CW it was on BETgive them their money back u air head! U don’t like BET don’t watch who cares but no matter how hard u try u are not white & they will never fully accept u honey.BET not going anywhere so sit ur dumb a” down somewhere

  3. People have the right to disagree and speak their opinion without being subjected to name calling and insults. She is a mature, intelligent woman who is an insider in the entertainment business. A lot of people question why the black community is allowed to have their own awards and shows that are totally exclusive of anyone not black. Yet if any other group did that they would be attacked the way the Oscars are right now. Double standards prevent people from working together.Continue to speak up Stacey.

  4. Stacey dear, I have never seen or heard BET telling its African American audience that America is racist. Now are you going to tell us the only people who watch and appreciate BET, happens to be only black people, who are lied to and told America is racist? What about all the people who are white that can tell you programs that they watch on BET, or the white kids who get their moves and grooves from the rappers and hip hop artists that they see on BET? Are they told too that America is racist? Please girl take a seat!

  5. Stacey Dash is right. When you create an environment where you segregate yourself from mainstream, you cultivate a climate where it’s harder to assimilate into the mainstream. You have to decide whether you want to integrate or segregate. You can’t cry integration when it’s convenient for you and then segregate when it plays to your advantage. That is what a lot of these minority groups are doing, particularly Blacks and Latinos. I can’t even support them anymore because they have become so ridiculous. Of all the minority groups they have become the most mainstream and yet they are still bitching like there is no tomorrow. They are at just as racist as the whites they accuse of. White Liberals play along because they are afraid and they need these Blacks and Latinos to keep them in power.

  6. Um STACY HASH…you dumb raggedy bitch….BLACK AWARDS give awards to ALL CULTURES. is she foreal???

  7. Fuck Stacey Dash. She sold her soul to the devil.

  8. I want white History Month

  9. She has a point about BET. If WET was created, there would be so much of an uproar. Lol

  10. stacey is awesome and beautiful

  11. Really folks…really. America already has their own networks, ABC, NBC,CBS…they are all pre-dominantly white. BET was created for artist to showcase their talents when those “other”networks chose not to intergrate them.
    So, Stacey is really on some Bull-!#/. She is older career is stagnant, not getting the roles that she used to get, and she needs the controversy to make money.
    She wasnt talking all this garbage when she was appearing on the network. BET has been around for awhile. So, why all the accuastions of it heing a racist network.
    All the dumbass post about what white people had their own network and “white” history month….that is everyday 365 a year, except Feb….ha.

    So, let’s wise up and see that this is simply a media scheme to create drama so she can be invited to make apperances and get paid.
    Like her TV show, she is Clueless.

    And btw, those white folks will never fully accepted you for trying to put down BET…..u better know that sista…

  12. Stacey Dash is the whitest black woman I have ever seen.

  13. I agree. Stacey D is Aunt Tom. Lol

  14. This woman needs mental help

  15. I don’t think there should be a black history month…I think that history should be told about everyone in history no matter their race period. I get so tired of hearing about racism in this country…our four fathers fought to make this a free country where everyone is treated equal. The real true Americans wasn’t white or black they were Indian…Indians where here first till white men took it over. I don’t think any race should be left out of the history that is taught in school. Just like I think they shouldn’t take prayer out of schools. Everything is becoming too political and we are losing our constitutional rights one by one. Before its over this will be a communist country and no longer be a free world.

  16. There has to be a black history because there is a white history month it’s called Jan, February, March,April, May , June, July, September, October,November, and December. Schools tend to ignore the contributions of African Americans. My sons school gave him a text book that actually said all slaves were paid fair wages for their labor and most were happy!!! That’s the biggest lie ever told. We had to get the book pulled.

  17. I agree with Stacey. Blacks are the most racist people on the planet. The double standard must end.

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