Wahlberg and Ferrell duke it out at Mexico City premiere of Daddy’s Home

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Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell duke it out

Friendly rivals box in Mexico City.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MEXICO CITY — Put up your dukes. Former teen idol Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, 44, and ex-Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell, 48, duked it out for the cameras during the Mexican premiere of “Daddy’s Home” on Monday (Jan. 25). Wahlberg, who plays the biological father of two children in the movie, looked as chiseled as ever in a pair of boxing gloves. Ferrell, who portrays an insecure step-dad, rocked a pair of oven mittens as the two posed for hysterical fight photos for the film’s new banner.

Wahlberg and Ferrell, if you recall, hooked up five years ago in the hilarious police comedy “The Other Guys.” Now they’re reunited and it feels so good. “We weren’t necessarily actively looking to work together again,” said Will.

“However, it goes without saying that at the end of that movie, after it was released and the reaction to it, we both were like “If there’s another opportunity, then, for sure.” Despite taking a beating from critics, “Daddy’s Home” did well at the worldwide box office, netting almost $200 million.

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  1. Are they still promoting this movie? Its been months now!

  2. Wow! This movie got bad reviews and still made $200 mil? Not bad.

  3. I thought it was a good comedy, pretty funny. it wasn’t rocket science, i didn’t go to see it for a cerebral work out, i went for a good laugh. i got that, as did others in the cinema so i can never work out where these bad reviews come from.

  4. Mark Wahlberg is FITTTTTTTTTT !!! Loved Daddys Home, it was hilarious

  5. I thought it was ok but not as good as The other guys

  6. I can’t believe they are promoting this movie. The movie is NOT good.

  7. This movie looks dumb. I will save my money.

  8. I dont get it. The flick came out on Christmas and they are still promoting it?

  9. Looks stupid. I will wait until it hits DVD.

  10. Mark Wahlberg is hot….. Will Ferrell is not.

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