Middle school teacher gets nine years for having sex with teen

Rhett Rigby sentenced to 9 years

Middle school teacher gets 9 years for rape.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KEARNEY, Mo. — Rhett Rigby, a former Algebra teacher at Kearney Junior High School, will spend nine years in the Missouri Department of Corrections after he confessed to having sex with a 14-year-old student. The sentence was imposed by a Clay County judge on Friday (Jan. 29) in front of a packed courtroom. Rigby, 28, was sentenced to five years for second degree statutory rape and four years for sexual contact with a student by a teacher. The sentences will run consecutively.

According to court documents, Rigby had intercourse with the teen at her home and inside the classroom on two occasions between 2012 and 2013. Rigby initially lied to administrators about the crimes. But the victim told investigators she exchanged nude photos with Rigby through text messages.

After fearing she might be pregnant, the teen took a pregnancy test that came back negative. The victim’s mother told the court the entire ordeal “has been a nightmare from hell for her and her daughter.” Rigby, who was hoping to get off on probation, apologized to the victim’s family.

“I made a lot bad decisions,” he said.

“I`ve misused a young student`s trust and I`m truly sorry.”


  1. These stories are becoming too common. Why do teachers continue to risk their careers over a piece of juvenile ass?

  2. Quick is the name

    dude got off light…. 9 years aint shit…… if he was black, he woulda got life with no parole

  3. Wow! Only 9 years? Unbelievable. smh

  4. Sick fucker. Rot in jail.

  5. Had sex with a 14 yr old, almost got her pregnant and only gets 9 yrs?

  6. He better be glad he didnt rape my daughter

  7. Wow! What was he thinking???????

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