1. Bob the drag queen will win I speak this into existence and so it shall come true

  2. c’mon season 8!
    Kim and Derrick will be top 3 I’M FEEEEEELING

  3. Felipe Mendieta

    My top 4: Derrick Barry, Laila McQueen, Acid Betty and Bob The Drag Queen.
    My winner: Derrick Barry. ♥

  4. yaaaaaassss I’m so excited

  5. Last time I checked queens didnt have dicks

  6. just another reason to hate gays. smh

  7. i am sooooooo lookin forward to season 8 🙂

  8. I refuse to watch another homo show

  9. Luv it! Cant wait!

  10. Men in drag are soooooooo sexy!

  11. bet they can all suck a good dick…… hehehehe!

  12. Man + Man = Gay

    Just nasty……. yuck!

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