Embattled comic Bill Cosby will face prosecution for alleged sexual assault

Bill Cosby will face prosecution

Rape case against Cosby will proceed.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — To quote Empire’s Lucious Lyon: “Game time bitches!” The highly-publicized sexual assault case in Pennsylvania against embattled comedian Bill Cosby will go forward, which means he’ll face prosecution for alleged inappropriate sexual contact with former Temple University employee Andrea Constand who told authorities Cosby raped her inside his home in 2004. Wednesday’s ruling came from a Montgomery County judge despite a pair of pretrial arguments from Cosby’s lawyers who claim the case should’ve been barred based upon a “promise” made in 2005 by then-District Attorney Bruce Castor.

The judge, however, denied the motion to dismiss the case because “there was no basis to grant the relief requested.” Cosby’s legal team, however, is expected to appeal the decision. The 78-year-old entertainer was charged December 30 with aggravated indecent assault against Constand.

Cosby hasn’t entered a plea.

Will he end up in jail?

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  1. So the Peckerhead might go to trial? GOOD! He walks slow, for affect. He has 2 thugs holding him up, for affect. He stumbles, for affect. Not working Bill! Not working at all!

  2. Bill Cosby inadvertently attached himself to some very special times in my life. He committed those atrocities and is a monster. The few memories I have associated with the early recordings of the Fat Albert kids are now tainted forever by a monstrous heathen with no respect for human dignity.

  3. He’s 78 he’ll be going to the higher court soon.

  4. I’ve often thought,why drug women when all he had to do is ask ? Maybe it was his preference to have sex with unconscious or semiconscious women ?

  5. So let me get this straight…10 years ago a grown woman went to a Cosby’s mansion, watched him mix a drug/alcohol cocktail, willingly drank it, had sex, then reported she was assaulted. The DA believed the case would be problematic to win and the accuser accepted a settlement…and then continued to have contact with Cosby after the alleged assault.

    Now here we are again a decade later wasting the court’s time prosecuting this?? She accepted a settlement and then maintained contact with him…that says everything I need to know.

    Dismiss this bs.

  6. dont drop the soap bill

  7. They should leave this old man alone. He’s gonna die soon anyway.

  8. Bill Cosby must have pissed off the wrong white man.

  9. I always knew there was something fishy about him. I saw right through his fake father act.

  10. Mr. Cosby is still innocent until proven guilty.

  11. Well they got him. I still don’t see how these women didn’t know that if he was flirting with them to get them to his room or even suggesting that they come to his house to read a script, that he could be up to no good. People know. So if someone tells me to take a pill and drink wine, why would I, in my right mind, consent. The attack on Cosby took on legs when he refused to jump on the bandwagon for Big Mike killing case. It was downhill for Cosby after that. It has taken a toll too on his poor wife.

  12. Bill, tell them old desperate bitches to back off.

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