Chiefs’ Alex Smith named sexiest, most handsome quarterback in the NFL?

Alex Smith voted sexiest QB in the NFL

Chiefs’ Alex Smith named hottest QB.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY — Move over Tom Brady. Believe it or not, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was just named the most handsome quarterback in the NFL, this according to a focus group commissioned by Sports Illustrated. The selection of Smith is sort of a headscratcher when considering the league-wide popularity of Seattle’s Russell Wilson and Carolina’s Cam Newton. Nevertheless, there are a few women at the Hope House domestic violence shelter in Kansas City who agree with the results.

“Very kind,” gushed Hope House CEO Anne Metheny. “Very generous, just a very nice human being.” The random survey was conducted as part of an article in the new publication, “This is Your Brain on Sports.”

The aforementioned Brady finished second in the poll. Miami’s Ryan Tannehill came in third. Quarterbacks, however, ranked No. 3 on the handsome list — trailing wide receivers and defensive backs.

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  1. Alex Smith the most handsome QB in the NFL? Um, no. The man resembles a pogo stick.

  2. Alex Smith is very very handsome… I’d kiss him ?

  3. the focus group got this one right…… alex smith is very sexy

  4. I am Tom Brady all the way!

  5. I dont know who they had participate in this survey but Cam is the sexiest quarterback alive.

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