Beyoncé and Bruno Mars steal spotlight

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Beyoncé and Bruno Mars stole the show at Super Bowl 50

Beyoncé and Bruno Mars saved the day.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SANTA CLARA — There was so much star power under the spotlight Sunday night at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California. But one group failed to deliver. First, the good. Prior to kickoff, Grammy winning artist Lady Gaga got the party started with an outstanding performance of our nation’s national anthem. Then, at halftime, Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars delivered a colorful mashup of their hits before meeting centerstage for a goodbye collaboration that concluded with the audience holding placards that spelled out “Believe in Love.”

Speaking of Coldplay, Chris Martin and company were the headliners. But it didn’t take long for the British band to take a backseat to the showmanship put forth by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. For starters, the members of Coldplay wore gray, slate blue, musky brown and dusty black.

Conversely, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars donned all black leather ensembles.

Secondly, Coldplay’s music offered very little in the form of head-bobbing entertainment. 

Fortunately for viewers, Beyoncé was there to save the day. The 34-year-old vocalist and her throng of backup dancers introduced the world to her new single “Formation” right after Bruno Mars got everybody warmed up with a sleek rendition of “Uptown Funk.”

Beyoncé almost slipped and fell during a dance move.

But, other than that, she was magnificent.

So was Bruno Mars.

Wish we could say the same for Coldplay.


  1. Sorry,but Bruno Mars’ song,singing and dancing beat Beyonces’ all to h***. There is no comparison. she can;t sing.

  2. Bellacullen6621

    Why did Coldplay do this to themselves? Bruno was always bae and I have never been a huge fan Bey but together it was magic! They need to do this again… Maybe @ the Grammy’s?

  3. theresa taylor

    AWESOME LOVE ME SOME Bruno Mars and Beyonce together OFF THE HOOK

  4. Bruno Mars & his dance moves really swept me off my feet ??

  5. I can tell Beyonce is getting…older. She looks older, and she moves a little more…slowly than she used to. She’s been at it for damn near 20 years though, so she’s held up pretty well.

  6. beyonce looked like a tramp and could she make it anymore obvious that her performace was black panthers motivated what a thug

  7. I don’t appreciate her “message” during the Super Bowl!! I do NOT agree with her message!! Should NOT have been allowed!! I watched her video just to see what it’s all about. The video was horrible, barely got through to the end of it. She has become trashy, vulgar, disrespectful, racist, & UnAmerican in my opinion!! Hope to never see her perform at the Super Bowl again. If she does we will turn it off. Was never a huge fan of hers but now not a fan at all.

  8. Who cares what that cow says anyway? She’s about a biscuit away from being Aretha Franklin these days. Put some clothes on that hog.

  9. I am a white middle aged male and I love Beyoncé’s music but I think it was wrong to use the Super bowl as a platform for Racial awareness. I believe that her actions only divides us further and causes more racial tensions.

  10. I rarely watch the half-time shows as the “talent” they get rarely appeals to me. However, I did feel that Lady Gaga (first time I’ve listened to anything she’s done) did a great job on the National Anthem.

  11. This would be a wonderful time to invite Beyonce and her Husband Jay Z to move out of their gated “white” community and forgoing their police escorts, move to the “inner” city. I urge them both to invest their considerable fortunes in turning life around for the downtrodden and poor in these area’s, as the TRILLIONS of dollars the tax payers have spent on “beautification projects” within the inner cities have done little to nothing in the past 70 years.
    This entitled suburban brat whose never been touched by an “inner” city person, and JayZ left the hood he sold crack in as soon as their ships came in. Do not be fooled by this political bull patty as it is simply a marketing ploy to get those same inner city youth to spend more money on her #$%$ music.

  12. Beyonce is the devil. She looks evil and wicked.

  13. I agree. Beyonce aint been the same since she sold her soul to the devil. smh

  14. I didnt pay attention to Beyonce or Coldplay. I was too busy watching Bruno’s gyrations. 🙂

  15. Bruno is the shit

  16. LUV U QUEEN BEY!!!!!!

  17. Ruthless Lover

    U can tell Beyonce gettin older but she still sexy az hell

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