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Peyton Manning shows Cam Newton how it’s done

Manning made right choice 4 years ago.

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SANTA CLARA — After getting released by the Indianapolis Colts in March 2012, Peyton Manning visited and worked out for several NFL teams but the Kansas City Chiefs weren’t one of them. Manning reportedly turned down an invitation to meet with Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt because he didn’t believe Kansas City was close to being a Super Bowl contender. A few days later, Manning signed with the Denver Broncos and the rest is history. After Denver’s dominant 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, Manning became the first quarterback in NFL history to win world championships with two different franchises (he won a title with the Colts in 2007).

Manning, however, wasn’t the star on Sunday. Not even close. Denver’s No. 1 defense, led by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, harassed Panthers quarterback Cam Newton all day. “This game was much like this season has been, testing our toughness, our resiliency, our unselfishness,” said Manning who missed 7 starts during the regular season because of injuries. “It’s only fitting that it turned out that way.”

Newton, who entered the contest as the league MVP, took a savage beating for 60 minutes. He was sacked 6 times, he was stripped twice by Miller (both fumbles led to touchdowns) and he was hit a mind-boggling 21 times. A downtrodden Cam barely spoke to reporters after the game.

“There was a certain point where it was like guys on the sideline were saying, ‘Cam is very stressed,'” said Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby. “For two weeks straight, that’s all we heard was ‘Cam this, Cam that, dab this, dab that.’ They were dabbing in their team photos. It was very disrespectful.

“We wanted to come out and prove that we’re the best.”


  1. Cam reminds me of someone I know who is severely bipolar. They can be the most charming and charismatic person one minute and then something triggers the down spiral and then it is like the old comic character (I hate to say I think it was Lil’Abner) with the perpetual cloud over their head. Fortunately for my friend, they are getting treatment and doing much better. I can’t say Cam has the neurological version but his behavior is similar. I hope some one is watching over him.

  2. Cam did not look like he was having much fun out there. He looked confused and unprepared, just like most of the Panthers players. I guess after Seattle and Arizona both imploded in the first half and basically handed the games to the Panthers, they thought all they had to do was show up and the Broncos would hand them this one too! The best part was the look on Cam’s face as he was getting mauled repeatedly by Denver’s D. This was a good lesson in humility for Cam, we will see if he is smart enough to learn anything from it!

  3. Any given Sunday. Someone wins, someone loses. Being cocky gets you nothing but embarrassed eventually. Look at Ronda Rousey. Kept saying she was unbeatable, got beat, and now she had to eat humble pie. Same thing with Cam. He is a great athlete, and a has the potential to be a world class quarterback, but you gotta show some humility and respect. Be proud of your wins, but don’t be arrogant; it can only ever come back to bite you in the #$%$.

  4. I was ridiculed the past two weeks for saying that Carolina was overrated, and that the Broncos were actually the better team. When you have the easiest schedule in the whole league, of course your stats are going to be high across the board. In contrast, the Broncos had an extremely difficult schedule and still put up decent numbers. A much more impressive feat to be sure! I don’t mean to take away Carolina’s accomplishments, but their numbers were grossly over-inflated. If they had a schedule similar to the one Denver fought through, they’d probably have finished 11-5, and only referred to as a good team, not great.

  5. Cam the scam said the world did not know what to do with a Black quarterback like him. Ok he is saying because he is black that is what gives him the edge. He looses and thus by his own definition , a black quarter back like him, he is saying he looses like a black quarterback. If that had been his Versace pants that were fumbled away he would have jumped into the pile. Just a football, stand there and watch the other team take it.

  6. So when you make comments about being dangerous and black and no one had ever seen a qb like me, it comes back and bites you in the $ss, so after this super bowl loss what makes you so different than all the other black qbs in the past, you said because you win well you didn’t win you lost the biggest game, you did nothing to stand out from all those other black qbs that you called out, your throws were to high, you didn’t protect the football, and you could not run the football, your defence kept you in the game for most of the game but you failed to make the big play to separate yourself from all those other qbs that you mentioned, so next time when you open your mouth make sure you do something to back it up!!!

  7. Well, it looks like the Broncos simply PREPARED for this game better than the Panthers. Based on how good Carolina looked all year, I thought they were gonna SLAUGHTER Denver.. But I think what happened was: even Carolina thought the same thing.. They probably figured: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it — let’s just keep playing the same way which GOT us here! So they probably didn’t practice anything SPECIFIC to the way Denver plays, but rather: let’s just practice the GENERAL style we’ve been beating everyone ELSE with.. — But over on the other side, Denver figured: let’s tighten up our defense, buckle down, and STOP these guys.. So they came up with a good game plan, executed it well, and WON! I know that their defense was ALREADY good, but I think in this game, they decided to step it up even MORE, specifically tailored to combat against the way Carolina plays.. And better preparation paid off. Congratulations to them!

  8. Broncos are hot, Chiefs are not! Hahahaha!

  9. Cam is a big crybaby

  10. chiefs havent been to super bowl since 1969…… lol

  11. fuck the broncos…. peyton is a drug using cheatin womanizing son of a bitch

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