TMZ paid $100,000 for Ray Rice domestic abuse elevator surveillance video footage

Ray Rice domestic abuse videos cost TMZ $100,000/Photo: AP

TMZ paid $100,000 for Ray Rice videos.

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ATLANTIC CITY — Say what you want about our good friends at TMZ. But, there’s no denying their pockets are fat. The viral surveillance videos that show former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching the lights out of his then-fiancee Janay Palmer inside an an Atlantic City casino elevator cost TMZ somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000. The incident took place at the Revel Casino in February 2014. In the footage (below), Ray can be seen knocking Janay unconscious before dragging her motionless body off the elevator.

The disturbing images not only ended Ray’s professional football career, but they also raised questions about the NFL’s handling (or lack thereof) of domestic violence issues. An employee at the Revel Casino recorded the footage on his cell phone then sold them to TMZ. But investigators can’t pinpoint which member of the casino’s security staff is responsible.

Ray and Janay got married shortly after the incident.

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  1. Yo, you got knock the fuck out

  2. They should’ve put this in the wedding album

  3. Rebecca Begazo

    Wow! This man is obviously used to abusing women. telling the media that he is sorry is nothing but a joke. I am sure that he is still abusing her behind doors. She should be ashamed of herself for putting up with this bastard. Defending him after he knock her out reflects a women with no values and no self esteem.


  5. If a person attacks you you can defend yourself. It doesnt matter if its a man or woman. The problem isnt that she was a woman but she was his fiancee. I mean why do you even get engaged to a woman that would attack you or a woman you could raise your hand to? As a guy thats the woman you always have to protect. You will spend your life with her and she will carry your kids one day ffs. People should be way more careful with engagements and marriage.

  6. This video should be shown many times over every year throughout “BLACK HISTORY MONTH” !!!

  7. linda merchette

    What I don’t get with this, is why did she marry him, after seeing how this man knocked her out. His behavior, of how he handled it after hitting her, so just as offensive as him knocking her out, he dragged her half way out of the elevator, never even trying to revive her, and simply leaving her there, her dress pulled up, and he didn’t make an attempt fix it, his humiliation of her continues as her uses his foot to move her a little further out of the elevator. She should have ran as fast as she could, to never even see that man again.

  8. shiner burnett

    men are bitches these days. hell they even act like bitches so I’m not surprised. if a woman hits you you as a MAN can’t grab her and try to control her ? you have to hit her back as a another human with way more strength. why hit back a weaker opponent ? SO MEN OF THIS GENERATION, LET ME HAND YOU ALL TAMPONS BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE BLEEDING MORE THEN US WOMEN THESE DAYS ONLY YOUR BLOOD IS COMING OUT YOUR BITCH ASSES , LMAO

  9. women can be annoying as fuck, thats for sure. no need to get in to that since its so OBVIOUS that women are absolutely bat shit crazy, illogical, emotional menstrual beings, ,and I mean all of them, even foreign exchange student women. but you should NEVER hit a woman. not even those women that look like men and are like 6’6 weigh 350 pounds. It is NEVER ok to hit a women. if you do that , you’re not really a man. you’re more of a pussy bitch motherfucker that can’t fight men so you take it out on women kind of sort of a mixture of a small boy and a maggot.. i’m just itchin to see a guy beating up a woman so that I can start pounding on his pussy ass. of course that woman will no doubt start to defend the pussy that was hitting her, (see first part of comment), regardless, total beat down of said pussy.

  10. damn ray beat that bitch’s ass

  11. Ray Rice’s wedding vows: “I promise to love, honor and knock u the fuck out!”

  12. it looked like self defense, and she didnt get knocked out by his punch, she got knocked out from hitting the handrail

  13. Can somebody please explain why this piece of shit is not in jail for using his wife as a punching bag????

  14. Charles N Charge

    This wouldnt have happen’d if she was white

  15. men who hit women are pussies

  16. So glad the NFL banned this psycho from playing in the league.

  17. StronzoFiglioDi

    The cunt deserved it. Maybe next time she will try to talk instead of swinging around her hands. #LessonLearned

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