Ronda Rousey contemplated suicide after losing her title to Holly Holm last year

Ronda Rousey shares dark secret with Ellen DeGeneres

Ronda Rousey thought suicide.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Ronda Rousey is a sore loser. As a matter of fact… Ronda hates losing so much, she contemplated suicide after she lost her bantamweight title to Holly Holm last November in Melbourne, Australia. A bloodied Ronda had to be hospitalized after taking a devastating kick to the cranium. It was her first defeat since joining UFC. “Honestly, my thought in the medical room, I was sitting in the corner and was like, ‘What am I anymore if I’m not this?’” Ronda said tearfully during Tuesday’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Literally sitting there thinking about killing myself. In that exact second, I’m like: ‘I’m nothing. What do I do anymore?”

Ronda told Ellen she credited UFC heavyweight Travis Browne for helping her overcome those dark times. Had it not been for him, there’s no telling what would’ve happened. “I looked up and saw my man, Travis, was standing there,” Ronda said. “I’m looking up at him and was just like: ‘I need to have his babies. I need to stay alive.’” 

Ronda is seeking a rematch with Holly.

Should it occur, will the result be different?

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  1. Aww so sad, pretty sure she was shit talking holly in the weigh ins 24/7 now shes crying that she put her head in the floor.

  2. Ok. Now I lost all respect for her. I didn’t know she was this big of a sore loser. She acts like a preteen emo scene kid.

  3. she still arrogant and a sore losser she can’t give credit where credits due Holly did great And will again God guides those who truly are humble and are not ashamed of losses . Ronda just needs to grow up she tried to fake it that she’s humble but then talking about Holly and stating she going to beat her she didn’t change and with all her wins is still a loser cause if that bad attitude

  4. i love when fighters talk trash and then get knocked the fuck out… they tend to stfu then.. i like that

  5. So, shes a woman after all haha. There, there, Ronda, it’s okay to cry and get emotional and talk about wanting to have a man’s babies. It’s a very natural thing for a woman. Gentlemen, it just goes to show that a woman cannot ignore evolution and biology just because she acts like a man. And ladies, you don’t need to act like a man to be taken seriously. Embrace your femininity and you will always be strong. Just like Holly Holm.

  6. I watch alot of MMA I love it…and Love Rousey but DAUM!! Holly kicked her so hard she still talks sort of outa her mouth…GRANTED its what? only a couple months after the fight? But man….you can tell by her facial expression that she had NO IDEA an ass whooping would be handed to her like that…she TWO roads to go on that now…..Take the lumps learn from them and don’t be so cocky that you EXPECT!?!?! to win a fight? num1…or num 2 she will go back to her ways win 12 more fights and get thrashed again either way she is still great for woman and MMA in general Love ya Double R.

  7. I think this loss showed her how others feel. she felt vulnerable but also gained a lot of strength from this. she’s gonna go win more and maybe lose some but she’s always gonna keep in mind that she is undefeated to herself. good luck in the future Ronda.❤

  8. Attention Whore…. Go beat your token plant Mischa Tate… Then train hard for the Holly Holm rematch so Holly can smash your grill again…. Yeah she’s contemplating suicide while pose half naked for the SI swimsuit Issue… GTFOH..

  9. Gabriel Serrano

    If someone experiences suicidal ideations then it’s something to be taken seriously no matter the circumstance. My only issue with this is that she was overly confident to the point of being egotistical before the fight began. She didn’t bump fists. She was unsportsmanlike and rude with her opponent all before the fight began. Then look what happened. I’m hoping this situation has made her a little more humble since she was knocked off her high horse. I’m sure she can do great things and continue a promising career.

  10. Charnetta Hicks

    So being in a couple of movies has taught Ronda how to turn on the fake tears really well…lmbo. Holly Holm for the 2nd win all the way!! :-)

  11. Ronda cry me a river

  12. Hate if u want but Ronda is fuckin hot

  13. Thoughts of suicide represent a mental illness. I hope Ronda gets the help that she needs.

  14. Bullshit! I dont believe her……. she’s so fuckin fake

  15. ronda is the sexiest female fighter ever!

  16. She needs to give up being an actress and focus on fighting

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