Fake Teen Doctor arrested after getting caught running an unlicensed clinic

Malachi Love-Robinson

Teen busted for being fake doctor.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WEST PALM BEACH — Every now and then you come across a story that makes you say daaayyyyuuumm? On Tuesday (Feb. 17), 18-year-old Malachi Love-Robinson (aka Dr. Love) was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida for impersonating a physician and running his own unlicensed medical clinic. Playing doctor, however, is nothing new to Malachi. He once pretended to be a gynecologist in a pregnant woman’s exam room at St. Mary’s Medical Center (West Palm Beach) where he roamed the halls for months.

Malachi, who claimed to be 25-years-old, was finally busted when he gave a medical exam to an undercover cop. He posted bail shortly after. “I do currently hold a Ph.D. – in what, I don’t feel comfortable disclosing because that is not the issue here,” he explained during an appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

“The issue that I face now is accusations.”

When asked what training he underwent that qualifies him to treat patients and charge them for his services, Malachi replied: “I have shadowed many doctors.” After the interviewer asked whether or not he was an habitual liar, Malachi cut the interview short.

Is he really a doctor?

Or is he nuts?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Let’s just pray that he gets the help he needs because this kid is nuts.

  2. ThatGunnerGuy MD

    Dude.. Teach me how you got an MD without going to medical school!!! I could’ve saved myself 200K and lots of grey hair :/

  3. This fool aint got no Ph D at 18 years old! I hope this sick son of a bitch is given a choice of jail time and criminal charges or if he did take money from patients, be tied up to a post, and whipped on his naked ass, thighs, calves and back with a belt, whip, cane and extension cord till he is howling in pain, deep red going to black and blue and cant sit for a week!!!!!

  4. We white people have our share of scam artists and murderers and thugs and drug dealers…. But it is so much more gratifying when we read about blacks. Truly.

  5. Put this little twerp in jail and throw away the key! He could have killed someone!

  6. Amazing that he got away with impersonating a doctor, treating patients AND cashing in too!!

  7. welcome to OBAMACARE

  8. looks like something only black people will do

  9. Dont drop the soap doc.

  10. He doesnt look like a doctor. His patients must have been smokin crack. smh

  11. This Doogie Howser wannabe belongs behind bars.

  12. Tony the Tiger

    Blame Obamacare

  13. This is too funny. I cant believe somebody actually paid him.

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