Ne-Yo marries model fiancée Crystal Renay in romantic oceanside ceremony

Ne-Yo marries fiancée Crystal Renay

Ne-Yo gets hitched in cozy ceremony.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Acclaimed songwriter and vocalist Ne-Yo is officially off the market. The “One in a Million” singer and his pregnant model fiancée Crystal Renay tied the knot Saturday afternoon in a romantic oceanside ceremony in front of a cozy collection of family and friends at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, near Los Angeles. “We can’t wait to start our life together,” Ne-Yo, 36, told People Magazine. “We’re looking forward to just being each others’ best friend.”

The couple announced their engagement via Twitter last August. They also revealed they’re having a baby. Now they’re finally husband and wife. “They stood under a big wooden altar that was draped with white curtains and flowers,” said an onlooker.

“At the end of the ceremony, Ne-Yo and Crystal held hands and raised their arms into the air as all the guests screamed and cheered. They looked so happy and in love.” Ne-Yo already has two kids with ex-fiancee, Monyetta Shaw, who stars on VH1’s Atlanta Exes.

Congrats Ne-Yo and Crystal!


  1. This skank has more mileage on her vag-o-meter than my 1972 Beetle. She’s as gorgeous as a kitchen sink but wow, her vag-o-walls contain the DNA of many many kinds of people! What a slice of pumpkin pie she is, isn’t she????

  2. Can’t believe he married this whore and that is saying it nicely, she was a runway at 14,stripper and porn star bye 18. Now she is having the miracle baby and trapping him into marriage. She claims to be a designer, model, actress. Neyo couldn’t handle a educated women like Moyetta and now he is stuck with a whore. Wouldn’t want this trash any where near my kids, and Mo’s kids are too smart for Neyo and Crystal.

  3. First off, this is why you don’t have babies with someone without being married in the current 21st century. Two kids and his girlfriend had her tubes tied because of a mutual agreement not to have any more kids. How sad is that?! Now look, he went off into the sunset with someone he felt ‘was different from the first moment he saw her.” Hmmmm I’d be scared if I were the second wife. How you can get them is how you lose them. Some men will tell you anything if you don’t investigate the baggage they’re bringing to you. Plus, being 9 months already walking down the aisle!! Women can learn a whole lot from this saga about what not to do in a relationship.

  4. Cant turn a ho into a housewife. smh

  5. I hope he gets checked for STDs

  6. Ne-Yo must be desperate. Lol

  7. He better get that shit annulled and run for cover

  8. Screw the haters. Congratulations NE-YO! 🙂

  9. Get a DNA test…………. that kid may not be yours

  10. wishing them the very best 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I hope he has a prenup

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