Shining stars the theme at ABFF Awards


ABFF Awards took place at the Beverly Hilton

Lots of big winners at ABFF Awards.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BEVERLY HILLS — The American Black Film Festival Awards at the Beverly Hilton was saturated with excellence Sunday night — highlighted by the recognition of legendary actress Diahann Carroll who won the Hollywood Legacy Award. Kansas City native Don Cheadle attended the star-studded ceremony, along with Jamie Foxx, Pharrell Williams, Kerry Washington, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Anderson, Doug E. Fresh, Estelle, Loretta Devine, host Mike Epps, Keke Palmer, Nia Long, Regina King, Garcelle Beauvais, LisaRaye, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ice Cube and Broadway’s Taye Diggs who showed up with girlfriend Amanza Smith.

Elise Neal, who was also in attendance, recently quit “Hollywood Divas” because a light fixture fell on her head during the filming of the show. Speaking of Ice Cube, “Straight Outta Compton” won Film of the Year — beating out Will Smith’s “Concussion,” Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed” and a few others.

Known for championing diversity in Hollywood, the ABFF Awards is a celebration of African-American culture that recognizes individuals, film and television programs that have made a notable impact on American arts and entertainment.

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  1. Diversity? I dont see any white winners.

  2. LOL. Boycott the ABFF.

  3. Hollywood is sooo fake

  4. Looks like an all black awards show……… will and jada must be proud.

  5. I hope Will Smith boycotts the ABFF the same way he is boycotting the Oscars

  6. Oh, no. That could cause serious harm to her in the future. Head injuries are tricky. I don’t blame Elise for not returning. She will definitely be missed on the show. I hope she makes a full recovery and didn’t sustain a concussion or anything that impacts her longterm.

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  8. Christian Hooper

    Will Smith is an amazing actor!!! his family are filled with amazing and talented people! Im saddened to see how much hate people have for these amazing people because of their opinion on such serious topic. There were great actors and actresses that weren’t nominated this year. it’s just crazy and sad how all of the people that weren’t nominated were people of Color… And the people that were were Caucasian. One dosent look at that with out thinking about how undiversified it is…

  9. it is so good to see our beautiful black people getting the recognition they deserve 🙂

  10. What the fuck is ABFF? Didnt know this awards show existed.

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