Taraji phones it in with Jimmy Fallon


It’s gametime with Taraji P. Henson and Jimmy Fallon

Taraji comes clean with Jimmy Fallon.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Empire’s Taraji P. Henson phoned it in (literally) during a special appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York on Wednesday. Taraji, who recently won a Golden Globe for her flamboyant role as Cookie Lyon, found herself in the middle of an acting game with Fallon where they took turns answering the phone and acting out random fake scenarios. But she also took a moment to explain the big mix up behind her viral Super Bowl tweet.

In case you missed it, during halftime of Super Bowl 50, where Coldplay performed alongside Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, Taraji tweeted out: “YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! #maroon5 is life to me!!! #superbowl50 #HappyCamper I am.” After realizing her mistake, Taraji deleted the tweet before posting a follow-up that read: “Oooooooopppps. Lmao!” Her tweet was brought up again on Wednesday.

Taraji, 45, blamed a fruity beverage for the gaffe.

“You’re at the Super Bowl, and they give you Kool-Aid to drink. I had a lot of Kool-Aid,” said Taraji who watched the game from a suite. “I was offended. Sipping my Kool-Aid. ‘Why is everyone telling me it’s Coldplay? I know Coldplay. I know Maroon 5 is not up there. Then I looked at the tweet, and I’m like, ‘Ah!’”


  1. Michael Henriquez

    HA, cant act for shit knew i had taste in actors that’s why i never heard of her, Oscars are racist my ass, those people are just whinny bitches who cant act for shit.

  2. florencia aguirre

    i love her hahahha♥

  3. This is newsworthy?

  4. It’s on Mass Appeal, nothing on here is newsworthy.

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  7. shes sexy. dem legs. lol

  8. i would like a piece of that dark chocolate

  9. Her personality just adds to her beauty!

  10. She looks like she sniffs a lot of coke

  11. taraji looks pretty good for a woman going on 50.

  12. Dennis the Menace

    I want a bite of that chocolate cookie


  14. she sucks as an actress

  15. Jealous ,Jealous, Jealous!! Ms Henson is a tremendously talented actress who is Finally receiving recognition. Bravo !! She is wonderful.

  16. Werk Tarji! haters can have a seat!

  17. taraji is so beautiful and talented….. makes me proud to be black 🙂

  18. this lady is so full of herself

  19. TPH is the best! U go gyrl!!!! 🙂

  20. Horny White Guy

    taraji will u please sit on my face?

  21. she is the hottest cougar alive

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