Brooklyn stripper mom facing multiple charges in daughter’s fiery death

Leila Aquino arrested and charged

Stripper charged in daughter’s death.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BROOKLYN — Leila Aquino, the unfit mother of the 2-year-old girl who burned to death in a raging inferno on Tuesday (Feb 23), is facing multiple charges. According to police reports, Leila has been charged with reckless endangerment and child endangerment. Aquino, 20, is an exotic dancer who left her daughter — Kaleenah Muldrow — home alone while she went out to strip and party with her new boyfriend. While she was gone, Leila’s Brooklyn apartment caught on fire.

Firefighters responded to the scene early Tuesday morning around 7:30 a.m., and found Kaleenah under the bed, scorched to death, after extinguishing the flames. Leila didn’t make it home until around 9:45 a.m. She was taken into police custody where she’s being held without bail.

Leila was previously investigated by Administration for Children’s Services. Joe Muldrow, the baby’s great-grandfather, is the owner of the apartment building. He told police he heard a loud bang in Leila’s apartment prior to the outbreak. The fatal fire is being investigated as a possible arson.

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  1. 20 Is to young to have a child for some people. She should have used birth control or had a abortion rather than let that child suffer.

  2. The mother did an unfathomable thing. Children should not be left alone at home until the age of 11, and even then you have to consider maturity level. My first thought was to judge-she made a fatal mistake, but maybe she FELT that she didn’t have a choice. NYC is an expensive place to live and babysitters aren’t cheap! Plus, she is only 20 years old. She is considered an adult by law, but her brain has not matured. Another thing-where is baby daddy? Long gone I’m sure. She may have thought that she was doing what she could, but her decisions cannot be taken back. Poor baby died scared to death. Children should not be raising children.

  3. Now she will have eternity to live with the fact that her little girl died alone and scared in one of the worst ways imaginable to die . Fighting to survive from the rage and terror of the flames that consumed her innocent and short life. Trust me, that is punishment enough. If she’s not a sociopath; she will never be able to live and/or overcome the grief of losing her child. Her so-called world is now shattered forever. This is so tragic on all levels for mother and child. Worse for the child who was just only beginning to live her life but in a dysfunctional setting. Pitifull for the mother who had a gem and lost her. An opportunity of her lifetime. Being a part of creating and bringing life into the world. To see her child grow and develop into a thriving and beautiful young lady one day. A precious gift and this is how she shows unappreciated gratitude by allowing her child’s life to be savagely taken by a violent event based on poor decision making, bad judgement, immaturity, inexperience, pride and selfish narcissistic lifestyle. By failing to be there for her child. Good luck young lady, as the journey you are about to embark on will be pure hell. That is if you can feel or give a darn!No more pole dancing, pony rides, lap dancing for you no time soon. If so, the high you felt that was so great that pulled you away for that extended period of time from your child will not satisfy your daily grind no mo! Smh.

  4. My heart goes out to that little girl she did die alone and scared. She is with God. Let’s not excuse this mother ever! she will suffer the lose her entire life. Now throw her stupid #$%$ in jail or give her the death penalty I wish! no questions you can’t defend this you can’t make excuses you can’t say that’s the only job she could get if she could go to work and do whatever! she could do a straight job during the day and be home at night but that’s what we have done in this society defend a woman who has to take her clothes off and glorify it instead of helping her get a good job or help her when she was in school to achieve u think she wanted to be a stripper no no no no no

  5. Ruthless Lover

    Fuck that bitch. Nuthin worse than a bad mother.

  6. That is a sorry mother. Women are disgusting.

  7. Aquino is a waste of skin. She deserves to be reminded of how she helped kill her baby every single day of the rest of her worthless life. I hope Karma finds her and gives her what she deserves. “Exotic dancer” = high priced ho.

  8. Where’s the worthless daddy? Everybody is quick to criticize mom but what about the sperm donor. He should be in jail also. He wasn’t there either. Oh yeah, I forgot, men always get a free pass to be losers…

  9. this is so sick. That poor little child suffered the worst kind of death all because her so called mother wanted to leave her alone. I think the mother should have been charged with manslaughter. Anyone knows if you live a helpless child alone anything can happen. Imagine the pain this child suffered and the hurt she felt knowing her mother was not there to protect her. This woman deserves to suffer a painful death

  10. This woman is NOT a Mother. A Mother would not leave her child home alone. What this poor baby must have went through is so sad. Rest in peace baby girl.

  11. My children are 5, 3 & 1 and stories like this always break my heart because I can’t help but think of my children in their place. I know how my kids would react. I don’t know how some people can treat their kids the way they do! It’s heartbreaking especially when couples pay thousands of dollars in treatments just to conceive and then woman like this just take those precious lives for granted.

  12. this broke my heart… I just… that baby girl did not deserve this. I would have done anything to keep her. I would have spoiled and loved her dearly and raised her like my own. I pray that God did not let her suffer. that she just blacked out and woke up in heaven. I know that heaven has a new angel. As for the mom, shame on her for being ignorant and inconsiderate of the dangers.

    I’m sure she is regretting it. in the pictures the mom seemed to loved her little girl.
    Let this teach others to not do the same and leave kids home alone.
    Ask a trusted friend or trusted neighbor to watch your kids. there are even baby sisters, day care centers that charge $10-$30 a day. I used to babysit for $15 a day per child. my grandma does it for $10 per child. No excuse. check out even craigslist and ask for references and background check the homes and People.

  13. I hope she enjoys giving lap dances in hell

  14. When I see stories like these, it makes me want to grab my kids and never let go. It just kills me how some people can be so irresponsible with their babies. I shed a few tears when I read she was found under the bed, possibly trying to avoid the flames. I just pray the smoke killed her before the flames got to her. For being noted as the most intelligent species on the planet, there sure is enough in the news to make me think that we’re simply the dumbest. I hope this woman never gets out of jail.

  15. There is no way in hell this lady( she doesn’t even deserve to be called a mother because a mother puts her child first) actions should be justified at all basically she chose money over her own child . I hope she is taunted for the rest of her natural living life . because that child has lost all hope and life and she had no choice. now just imagine if she would leave her child at home alone just imagine how the little girl was treated at home behind closed doors .

  16. Jail is not enough. Give her the death penalty. I say pour gasoline on her entire body and strike a match. Then she will know how her daughter felt.

  17. In my opinion, the worst part of this story other than the child dying, is the fact that the child was fearful, hiding under the bed. That part broke my heart. How terrible. I cannot imagine what she was thinking, and the pain she endured until her final breath. 🙁

    RIP little one. You deserved a better life!

  18. may your dirty filthy soul rot in hell

  19. the baby daddy should be charged too


  21. this trial shouldnt take long…… lock her up and move on

  22. stupid ho is a poor excuse for a mother

  23. Thelma Gooding

    This is so sad i dont know what is happening to young parents. They make us good ones look so bad. I dont know what human would leave a kid alone and go to work she is two years old. What if she was hungry she cant make herself food what if she had to use the toliet.

    Like what the hell just cuz ur kid is sleeping it does not excuse u to go out n leave the kid alone. Anywhere i go if i got no babysitter i take my kids with me and i got two kids im only 22.

    There is no excuse for such behaviour you have family n friends u could ask if u could not find anyone you should cancel your shift. This is what young parents dont understand kids are a blessing not a burden. When you have a child they are your top priority.

    Not money or having fun with friends if she wanted a life with no responsibilty or a child she should have kept her legs closed or aborted the pregnancy instead of leaving a innocent baby alone so u can go shake ur ass for some money

    i know life is tough out there we all struggling but that was a dumb move honestly there are women out there who cant have kids who stuggle to get pregnant they cry everyday for god to bless them with a child and god gave u one and u neglect her n now shes dead its to bad this not texas cuz u would have got the death penalty like u deserve. Ur going hell

  24. Dumb stupid ignorant bitch

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