Transgender actress Mya Taylor makes history with big win at Spirit Awards

Transgender actress Mya Taylor wins big

Transgender star making history.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SANTA MONICA — A couple years ago, Mya Taylor couldn’t land a job in Hollywood. Now she’s one of the hottest names in the film and entertainment industry. On Saturday, at the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, Mya became the first transgender actress in American history to win a major film award — taking home the trophy for best supporting actress for her outstanding role as a sex worker in the iPhone-shot dramedy Tangerine. “What it means to have this trophy in my hand? When I look at acting, I don’t look at the money or the fame or anything like that,” Taylor told reporters inside the press room.

“I went through a very, very hard struggle and for me, I just feel like when I do stuff like this, I have to let other people know. You can do whatever you put your mind to. The struggle was real for me, and I got out of it.”

So, how did you do it? “It was very depressing and everything, but I pushed and pushed and pushed,” Mya said. “Then when this opportunity came, it was an opportunity given from God and I took it. I guess it made up for all the struggles that I went through. So keep pushing.”

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  1. a man wearing a dress.

  2. So fucking happy right now! Should have been oscar nominated. She was awesome!!!

  3. Congrats girl yes!!! Empower the light on being Different and Human “All lives matter!! If giving a chance, God Bless!!

  4. This is another confused man who thinks he’s a woman. I can’t imagjne what the world will be like in ten years with all the gays and transgendered people coming out. It’s absolutely disgusting. Oh, and remember this is my opinion, which I’m entitled to. If you don’t like what I’ve said, move on.

  5. And of course there are transphobic comments…can’t we all just grow up?
    Congrats to Mya, she was incredible and IMO should also have been nominated for an Oscar!
    I’m also just so happy to see such an extrordinary project like Tangerine getting the attention it deserves!

  6. lol women cant even beat men at being women

  7. chicks with dicks are so popular these days. lol

  8. just nasty…. yuck!

  9. she deserves it……. congrats!

  10. gays are taking over the world

  11. Mya should hook up with Caitlyn Jenner. HaHaHa!

  12. That thing is ugly…………. looks like a man in a wig

  13. Fuck the haters

    Congratulations my queen!

  14. Anyone who is talking trash about Mya winning this award didn’t see the movie. She was amazing and that movie was super. She so deserves this!

  15. I wonder how Mya would feel if I walked up to her wearing blackface and said I was black. I bet she wouldn’t like that. But he seems to think he can put on a dress and tell biological women that he is a woman. And that they should not be offended. I guess I don’t understand the double standard. Race is something you are born with. So is your biological sex, Mya. You are a man.

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